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Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together

Impact - What are the Outcomes for Maths at Smarden


The impact of teaching Mathematics at Smarden is to have confident, active users of mathematics who have enthusiasm and a deep understanding of the structures of mathematics. Pupils understand why maths works, understanding efficiency in strategies, and be able to articulate, prove and reason problems confidently. 

We aim to ensure that pupils, teachers and parents enjoy mathematics, see its value in the wider world and encourage them to use maths in real-world applications and problems. 



Pupils will be regularly assessed with NTS assessment three times per year. NTS assessments shall be used to produce reports on pupil progress, as a planning tool for teachers and to assist with interventions.

These shall be supported by STAR maths assessments each term, which shall be used to support teacher planning, provide further insight into pupil skills and understanding, and used to provide data for our intervention and homework tool Freckle. 

However, alongside these formal assessments teachers shall be continually assessing pupils with their classwork in lessons in order to help plan and assist future pupil learning. This may also include self or peer-assessments by pupils so they have a deeper understanding of their own learning. 

In Year 6 pupils will also have mocks as part of their preparation for their end-of-year SATs and as transition for secondary school. 


Monitoring and Evaluation

The Subject Leader monitors the effectiveness of maths teaching provided throughout the school via regular observations with feedback given to teachers delivering maths lessons. The Subject Leader and class teacher will together monitor the learning and progression made by pupils across the key stage. Pupil progress meetings shall also occur between the class teacher and the headteacher and deputy headteacher each term to provide up-to-date information following formal assessments for targeted learning.  Governors shall also assist with monitoring, meeting with the subject leader several times a year to challenge, question and provide a monitoring report of their own. 


All data, ranging from evidence of classroom teaching to individual pupil skills reports, is securely stored on a password protected database. This can be accessed by class teachers, the Subject Leader and SLT so all key stakeholders can evaluate delivery, performance and progress. This data can be presented to parents at parent-teacher meetings and will also be used to ensure the Maths SEP is updated as appropriate.


Smarden Primary aims to take part in as many activities, competitions or events in the support of mathematics as possible. This includes inter-school TimesTableRockstar events, the TKAT Coast & Weald Maths Challenge, F1rst Class and the NSPCC Number Day.