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How you can get your children physically active during lockdown

Exercising during lockdown is more important than ever, with proven benefits to both physical and mental health. The Chief Medical Officer’s guidance recommends 60 minutes of activity a day for children, but with schools closed and social distancing measures preventing most organised sport from taking place, extra efforts are needed to maintain activity levels.

As such, we've put together this page to help find activities, games and more to help keep everyone healthy and active!


Every pupil has their own home login for Jasmine that teachers have shared with their classes.


Real PE at home will help children to continue to develop a broad range of skills, such as communication, problem solving, resilience, creativity and, of course, their Fundamental Movement Skills.

Fun challenges, ideas, games and activities ensure families stay active inside and out through lockdown, winter and beyond. 

Activities can be carried out individually or in a pair with an adult or sibling. 


A guide can be found here including a short video that talks through the site:


If your child needs their logins please contact their class teacher.

Lockdown Fit!


Mrs Frow is very kindly making for everyone a series of daily exercises to do from home. All pupils have these set daily on their class page, with activities building on each other throughout the week. All teachers will be joining in too, and parents are more than welcome!

Outdoor Learning: All Smarden pupils are used to learning outdoors, thanks to our forest school activities. We are lucky to live in the Kent countryside, where a wealth of outdoor learning opportunities about plants and nature are available (so long as you keep your distance from others). The Woodland Trust has some further suggested outdoor activities here.

Plank Challenge!

Below is a 30-Day plank challenge for beginners. Children might like to give it a go, but so might parents too!


Videos showing how to plank are below.


Do The Plank (Fitness and strength song for kids)

Do the plank is a fun song to help build children's strength and fitness in the classroom. Use it as a brain break or as a way to help calm your class. Weigh...

How to teach kids the basic plank


Another fun game we've been recommended is 'Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down.' You squat and hold whenever you hear 'Bring Sally Down' and hold until you hear 'Bring Sally Up.'

I'm told you certainly feel the burn!

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 25th Jan