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Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together

Gallery Archive: 2015 - 2016

Welcome to our gallery of events, displays and children's work!

Smarden Summer Gardening Show


Smarden Primary School Gardening Club did surprisingly well, given that this was a competition for ADULTS.


Here are the results for the classes they were entered in:



Class 20  Biannuals  (the Sweet Williams on the edge of the veg beds - past their best)  3rd prize

Class 22  Geraniums  (3 white ones from the front tubs)  3rd Prize

Class 21  5 different annuals  2nd Prize

Class 36  Hanging basket (Connor's special)   2nd Prize

Photographic competition topic "Smarden in Summer"  2nd prize.  Photo by Aurora Grimes of Isla and Scarlett weeding.   2nd Prize!  This is an amazing result.


Fantastic efforts from everyone involved with the Gardening Club



BMX Bike Event

National World Book Day


We celebrated National World Book Day by taking part in the Guinness World Records's attempt for the world's largest reading lesson on Friday 24th June 2016. The children watched a video of J K Rowling reading the first chapter of J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


As part of the world record attempt we had two official witnesses to verify what we had done. 

Guinness World Record Attempt - Largest Reading Lesson

TKAT Games - Tuesday 21st June 2016

The Queens 90th Birthday celebrations - Zion Chapel, Smarden

Wear it Wild Day - Thursday 26th May 2016

Year 6 Residential - Kingswood

May 20th - 22nd 2016


Year 6 students from Pluckley C of E Primary School and Smarden Primary School went to Kingswood for a 3 day residential trip.


The behaviour of the children was amazing, their attitude to learning was also outstanding.


By the end of the trip, as you can imagine, the boys bedrooms were a little smelly!! Sweaty trainers, sweets and damp towels!


All the children conquered a fear - from staying away from parents for the first time, climbing huge heights on the sky climb to plummeting from a great height on the 3G swing.


They all showed great teamwork and determination. A huge amount of fun was had by all!

Kingswood May 20th - 22nd 2016

More school pets - Chubby Bunny & Teddy the Guinea Pig

Some unusual visitors to Smarden Primary School!!

The Orchard Run - Sutton Valence Prep School Friday 22nd April 2016

Windmill Hill Residential, April 20th –22nd 2016


Wow!!! What a few days! I don't know where to begin. Suffice to say we have had the most amazing time at Windmill Hill.  The weather was fantastic, the instructors were great and always ready for a sing-song; the accommodation was in an ideal location, right in the middle of the activities and the food was awesome!

We arrived at Windmill Hill on Wednesday with plenty of time to unpack, explore our rooms and have a kick around with the football before lunch. After lunch it was time to split into our groups for activities. Personally my group began with the challenge course and followed it up with the climbing wall. The challenge course proved to be a lot of fun and much harder than it looked! The wall on the course was especially difficult where the children were required to cooperate in order to haul each other over a vertical face. The climbing wall was the real challenge! It was 45ft high but seeming much higher when you were up there! The children were brilliant; they all pushed themselves to the limit with a few even making it to the top!


After a highly tasty dinner (and cake), capture the flag was up! The children were sorted into attack and defence and raced around the field trying to capture each other’s bibs. This proved very competitive once everyone got the hang of it and the children enjoyed the run around.


Following a good sleep, where most children slept very well, and a good cooked breakfast it was time for activities once again. These started with some more grounded activities such as archery and aeroball. These were a mixture of hilarity and exhaustion but both extremely good fun with a few even managing a bulls-eyes with their arrows! The afternoon was more action packed requiring more harnesses as we took on the Jacobs Ladder and the Zipline. Jacobs Ladder proved immediately to be much harder than it looked requiring a lot of teamwork (and guts) to get to the top. The Zipline too was a great success with children all having a go. It was commented on how they appeared to fly as they hurtled down the wire, whereupon many immediately sprinted back up for another go!

In the evening it was time for the disco. This was brilliant! The PGL staff all got involved, leading dances and encouraging a good time. It was truly excellent with members of Smarden and Pluckley staff participating as well (especially the cheesy songs!).


On our final morning it was time for our last couple of activities. This began with the sensory circuit. This involved wearing blackout googles and following a rope to and around a circuit filled with different obstacles, though it must be noted that Ms Breach’s group took an hour just to get to the site such was the challenge! This proved to be much more fun than we had anticipated with mazes, climbing and crawling all to be navigated throughout. Finally it was time for the much anticipated giant swing. Consisting of a giant pendulum where children hauled themselves up by a rope and then released it themselves! This was about 40ft high at its peak, but when dangling in mid-air attached by only a metal bar seemed twice the height! This proved to be the highlight of many with many overcoming great fears to participate and really pushing themselves throughout. Afterwards there was just time for a final meal (and more cake) before heading home.

I cannot emphasise how well everyone did, how brilliantly the children behaved and how proud we are as the staff. We all enjoyed it all very much, well done everyone!

Cross Country Event - Abbi Mifsud Memorial Cup - Friday 18th March 2016

The Running Club - doing the Sport Relief Mile - Many thanks to Mrs Frow (parent volunteer) for running the club.

Community Breakfast @ The Zion Chapel with Yr R Kingfishers Class

Mothers' Day Tea - 7th March 2016

World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2016

Yr 1/2 Tennis Festival - February 23rd 2016

The 100th Day of School ~


We  celebrated all the learning we have achieved so far and that we are all 100 Days Brighter!


The children learnt about ‘one hundred’ throughout the day and through many different subjects.


Some learnt to measure 100 centimetres, others write adventure stories about a mysterious box containing 100 objects; research what life was like 100 years ago; explore liquids at 100 degrees centigrade; use globes to identify what is at 100 degrees longitude; count up how many jumping jacks they can do in 100 seconds; or explore the different mathematical equations that equal 100.


100th Day Pictures

KS2 trip to Herstmonceux Science Observatory - February 9th 2016

Young Voices 2016

The YV team were all blown away by your performances in London. You did the YV family proud, there’s so many highlights it’s hard to pick the best, and they have had some amazing feedback from the venue, the parents and the team.
They've put together a highlights package (from the concerts!) as a taster for the DVD they are putting together for each individual concert. Please click on the link below:

Young Voices O2 - January 29th 2016

Attendance Certificates Terms 1 & 2 ~ 2016

Breakfast Club and The FAST Club - Opened for business January 2016

Challenger Troop - Yr 5/6 - What a great experience for the class!

The Landlord's Cat

- A nativity performance by Kingfishers Class and Owls Class


A few photos from the dress rehearsal of The Landlord's Cat


About The Landlord's Cat - At a certain Bethlehem inn, the landlord's cat is so fed up with the hectic atmosphere and being ignored by his owner, that he is on the verge of leaving town. However, with the arrival of Mary and Joseph in the stable, as well as wise men and shepherds, the cat (being a wily and intuitive creature), senses that something very special is about to happen. Naturally he is determined to find out just what it is...........


Dec 2015


Christmas Window Competition


All the Classes & the Office where asked to paint a "christmas themed" picture, and the children were to judge which they thought was the best! The children could not vote for their own class window.


The voting was very close but the winner was "Kestrels" class - Well Done to Mr Bedford-Cooper & Miss Breach!

Decorated jar competition - for Vintage Christmas Fair.

Sport Leaders 2015/2016


Our Yr 5 children learnt " how to be a Sport Leader" during an event held at The North School, Ashford.

Feedback from the event organizers was excellent , "outstanding behaviour from Smarden students"


Well Done, great work! no

A few wall art displays in the Classrooms

Halloween Disco Oct 2015

Wear it Pink Day Oct 2015