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Year R- The Builders Class

Welcome to Builder's Class page.

We are the Foundation class and the teachers are Mrs Rivolta and Mrs Dickson with Mrs Saunders being our full time higher level teaching assistant.

For the rest of the term we will be learning about different places around the world by studying the climate and the wildlife that live there. So lots of facts to learn and new information to gain. So far we have been looking at Australia, kangaroos, Koala bears and much more.

We had a fantastic time on our school trip. The mini beast workshop was very informative and searching for bugs in a new space was really good fun. The Museum may be small but there is so much to see and do that we actually ran out of time. If you have never been there with your children it’s a great little place and it’s free! I’m sure the children would love to show you around.
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This week we have continued looking at bugs and we have some new friends who have come to visit. Caterpillars! If we look after them we may discover some butterflies in a few weeks.
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As our school trip approaches we will be learning all about the different mini-beasts both at home and abroad. The children will explore spiders, beetles, caterpillars and any others we can think of. We will search outside to see what we can find. The stories The Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider, The Bad Tempered Ladybird will all be shared and discussed. Do you have any more bug stories at home?

Well what a busy time we have had already. The children have been looking at the globe and trying to locate different areas in the world. The children can now find where they live and can say where they would like to visit. They have discussed and hot and cold places and know that the middle of the globe is the hottest area called the Equator.
This week (Thursday 30th April) we have our class assembly so come along at 9.00.

Over the following weeks we will be looking at different plants, mini-beasts and animals found around the world and here at home.
We will be visiting Maidstone Museum on Friday 15th May where we will explore the different artefacts from around the world and engage in a mini-beast workshop, so put the date in your diary.

In our final few days of this term we will be learning all about the true meaning of Easter. We will think about this magical time and engage in a range of activities including story sequencing, card making, creating Easter treats and Easter bunnies as representations of this special time.
Have a very HAPPY EASTER and enjoy a relaxing break. We look forward to your safe return on the 20th April refreshed and ready to learn in your final 2 terms, can you believe it?!

This week our Castles topic takes us to the giants castle in Jack and the Beanstalk. The giant has left a few things in our playground and we will need to send him a message to let him know what we have found! 
We will be planting our own bean seeds to see how they grow and change. I wander what might happen during the Easter holidays when they go on a little holiday to Mrs Rivolta's house?

Our castles topic has taken us to stories about witches and haunted castles and the children have enjoyed creating silly potions in their literacy, yuk! 
Next week we are going to make castles from junk modelling materials so please send in your empty boxes. 

We have been learning about more tricky patterns in Mathematics.

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This term our topic is Castles. We will be learning about Britain through studying the various castles close to home and further afield. The children will be thinking about what a castle was used for, who might have lived and worked there and what it might have been like.
This week the children had to label the different parts of the castle and talk about their purpose. 

We hope you are enjoying the school holidays. During the last week of term we enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year which is this week. The children helped to make noodles and had fun attempting to eat them with chopsticks. Some were very good indeed.
This year is the year of the sheep/goat and your children were either born in the year of the Rabbit 2011 or Tiger 2010.
Don't forget Shrove Tuesday as well during the holidays. Yummy yum! 
See you on Monday 23rd February for term 4. 

26/1/14 We have enjoyed learning about dinosaurs so much that we decided to continue the theme for another couple of weeks so please don't forget to send in any interesting books or toys the children could share with the class. This week we found a very large egg shell in the playground, some enormous footprints and a letter from Mrs Dinosaur. The exploring began. The children have written letters to Mrs Dinosaur and have been keeping a close eye for any more clues as to where her baby might have gone. Mrs Rivolta brought in some new dinosaur toys and the children have been creating different dinosaur worlds.
Today (29/1/15) we visited the wonderful new classrooms where our school friends will now be working, everyone was very excited.

19/1/15 This week we are focusing on the Natural History Museum, an excuse to learn all about dinosaurs! The children will be thinking about the different types of dinosaurs they all ready know as well as some new ones. They will be thinking about their features, what they eat and how they protect themselves and attack. 

11/1/15 - Last week we really enjoyed learning through the story Paddington. We listened to the story, watched clips on the IWB and dressed up as Paddington. We interviewed Paddington  about his crazy adventures, where he came from and how he got his name. 
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This week we are learning more about London, the Royal Family, places to visit, features of a city and much more. The children are really good at naming the different tourist attractions and famous buildings.

5/1/15- Welcome back , we hope you have had a great Christmas and Happy New year. Thank you for all of the lovely cards and gifts that we were given at the end of last term. This term we begin our new topic on the 'United Kingdom', you can find our topic web below in the document section which will tell you a bit about what we will be covering over the next 2 terms. This week we will begin our learning looking at London and focussing on 'Paddington'. Many of you might know the story or have seen the film over the holidays, so we are really excited about our learning. Please bring in with you any photos or drawings and 'news' that will tell us about what you have been up to over the Christmas holidays, as we always like to share these during our carpet time.

12/12/14 - A rather festive week this week with card making, creating penguins and polor bears as well as paper chains, stockings, chocolate reindeers, yummy, yummy, to sell at the Christmas fair so make sure you can get there.
The Nativity is progressing really well, the songs are fantasic and thank you all for the lovely costumes. We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. You can always scroll down to the bottom of the page where you might see some more photographs.

1/12/14 - Don't forget on Friday at 9.00 it is Builders class assembly. This week we have been learning through the story Stickman by Julia Donaldson a real favourite. The children were asked to recall as many events in the story as they could and put them in order. They also revisited measure and looked at various sticks, comparing their length and using non-standard measure. 
The children have been rehearsing the Nativity play which is progressing well. Please can all costumes be in by 10th December, please note change of time for evening performance on 17th Dec 5.00pm afternoon performance is at 2.00pm.

28.11.14 - Another busy week! We have been learning all about weddings and today everyone got married! We had a super morning preparing the food and decorating the wedding breakfast table. Everyone dressed up for the ceremony and played different parts.
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Today we also had a look around the new building which was very exciting. The rooms were really big with lovely big windows. See latest news for pictures.

20.11.14 Just to say thank you to all the parents who joined Builders class today for the 'Learning Together' session. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you and so did we. Thank you for giving up your time.

Don't forget our Nativity will be on 17th December at 2.00pm and 5.00pm in the Zion Chapel.

WB 17.11.14 - This week is National Anti-Bullying week. The whole school will be thinking about being kind to others, caring for people, being safe in the community and on the internet. Learning through stories such as Giraffes Can't Dance and Henrietta's Hairy will enable the children to consider others feelings. We will be thinking about our emotions and listening to different music and discussing how it makes us feel. 

WB 10.11.14- This week we continue our learning about festivals of light. We are learning about the Hindu festival 'Diwali' and looking at some of the similarities and differences between this festival and firework night. In Numeracy we are recapping on 2D shape names, and looking at patterns, including repeating and symmetrical patterns, aswell as the rangoli patterns. We are continuing to learn new sounds and to blend these sounds together to make simple words. Our early morning activities are working on our fine motor skills and include tracing, cutting and forming marks with paints, sand and chalks. Thank you to all of you that came to Parents evening it was great to chat to so many of you about your children's progress and how well they have settled in.

WB 3.11.14- This weeks learning will begin with the festival that happens this week...... yes Bonfire night!!! I wonder who is planning to go to see some fireworks? What colours and shapes will you see? We will be learning about the history of Guy Fawkes and our safety whilst we are near fires and fireworks. In literacy we will be thinking of describing words to describe the fireworks and what they look and sound like. We will also be creating our own class firework poems. In numeracy this week we are continuing our counting skills and number recognition. Why not practise writing your numbers at home.

Term 2- Welcome back to Term 2 of the Autumn term. This term we will continue our learning on 'Kent and Smarden', but will also be learning about all the Autumn 'festivals and celebrations' that happen at this time of year. 

We hope that you are having a lovely week off school over half term. If you are going on holiday or having any days out don't forget to put your photos, tickets , maps and drawings into your learning log so that we can hear all about your home learning. When we come back to school next Monday 3rd November we will be in our newly refurbished classroom (the old year R classroom as opposed to the mobile) so you will all need to come to the side gate and across the decking into the back door. We look forward to seeing you after the break. 

Term 1-This term our whole school topic is 'Smarden' and in Builder's Class we will be using the new school build as our inspiration to our learning. We have already thought about some of the jobs the builders around school might be doing and some of the machinery they might need to do their jobs. Please see below to read our topic web to find out more about what we will be learning about this term.

WB 20.10.14-This week we will be learning about Autumn, we will be recognising changes in our surroundings, and discussing how we know it is Autumn..... What happens to nature at this time of year? In numeracy we will be adding and taking away objects from a larger group. Firstly we will be doing this with objects and using our fingers and then moving onto using number sentences. Can you remember what the sign is for adding and taking away- Why don't you show off your karate maths actions. Don't forget this Friday is our class assembly at the Zion Chapel at 9.10.... Come along to see what else we have been learning.

WB 13.10.14-We hope you have had a good weekend, despite all the rain!!! This week is week 7 of the term, and we will be talking about our likes and dislikes..... This will include our favourite foods, colours and holidays. What is your favourite food I wonder? Where is the best place you went on holiday? What is your favourite toy? In numeracy we will be learning about shape. We will be recognising 2d shapes and naming them, as well as talking about what properties they have e.g how many sides, whether they can roll or not or if they have straight edges. 
Reminder- This Tuesday the school nurse will be in to measure and weigh the Year R children as part of their national monitoring scheme. More details are on the letter that came home previously.

WB 6.10.14- This week we are learning all about our bodies! We will be reading the story 'Funny bones' in literacy and having a go at writing labels for different parts of the body, and creating our own skeleton drawings with chalk on black paper. We will be learning about differences in quantities in maths, this will be done by having 2 groups of objects, and counting how many are in each group. We will be using mathematical vocabulary like add, more, less, equal, difference. This will be done in practical ways like playing board games, rolling the dice and making towers as well as using dominoes. At home can you draw the dots on 2 sides of a domino and say how many are on each side and how many altogether?
DON'T FORGET>>>>>>> This Tuesday is our Harvest Festival at the Zion Chapel from 9.10, come and watch builders class perform their little counting poem.

WB 29.9.14- This week in Literacy we will be using books that have 'Families' and 'Homes' as their settings, and will begin by reading the story 'Billy Tibbles moves out'. We will be talking about our families and comparing them to each other, seeing who has brothers or sisters, and whether they are younger or older. In numeracy we will be learning about measuring, we will be thinking about what we can measure with...... any ideas??? We will also be comparing lengths, heights and sizes of everyday objects. Do you know who is the tallest or shortest in builders class? DON'T FORGET PE KITS ON TUESDAYS as tuesday afternoons is when Mrs Moyce takes us for PE, this week will be our first session with her.

WB 22.9.14- This week we will begin our first week of a full time timetable of teaching and activities which will involve both Child Initiated time (When the children can choose their preferred way of learning themselves) and Teacher Directed Time (When the children are taught something new through carpet time and then a follow on activity). In literacy we will be learning through the story 'The little red hen' and begin to start thinking about Harvest time. In numeracy we will be continuing with our counting and number recognition, as well as beginning to have a go at estimating how many objects are in a group. Don't forget this Monday we have our individual school photos, so make sure you have your biggest smile ready.

WB 15.9.14-We are very proud at how well all the children are settling into their new class, and how they are beginning to remember the class rules and routines. This week is the children's first week of staying for lunch, and it has been great to see how independent the children are at lunchtime, and how adventurous some are with trying new foods....Well done to you all.

Next week the children will have their first week of being full time, and don't forget Sports Day on Tuesday afternoon from 1.15 on the Minnis. We hope to see you there.

Here at Smarden Primary School we offer an open door policy, so please do ask if there is anything you or your child is worried about or don't understand as communication is key to your child having a calm and easy transition into their new class.
We look forward to working in partnership with you over the coming year.
Mrs T Evans and Mrs S Rivolta
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