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Year R - Kingfishers

Mrs Evans, Mrs Rivolta and Mrs Bloomsmar
would like to welcome you to Kingfisher's Class

We hope that you have had a great summer and are ready and excited about joining Kingfishers class. This term we will be concentrating on settling into school, and learning the new routines and the class rules. We will be having lots of fun finding out about each other and our new school.
This term our whole school topic will be ‘Pattern’ and you can take a look at the topic web below to see some of the activities we will be taking part in.

Here at Smarden Primary School we offer an open door policy, so please do ask if there is anything you or your child are worried about, or don't understand, as communication is key to your child having a calm and easy transition into their new class.

June 2016

Term 6


Well can you believe it, here we are in the Summer Term!!!


It only seems like yesterday that you were all starting ‘big school’ and joining Kingfisher class- how time flies when you’re having fun. 


This term our school topic is ‘Olympics’ , so we will be taking a slightly different slant on this and our learning will be ‘Bug Olympics’. Each week we will be learning about different mini beasts such as spiders, ladybirds and ants.  

Our literacy will be inspired by story books such as ‘Argh Spider’ and ‘The very busy ladybird’ as well as non-fiction books where we will be finding facts about these fascinating creatures.


This term we are doing a real push on writing stories, and getting the children to use their imaginations to make up their own adventures and characters.  


In Phonics we are recapping on our digraph sounds, and also beginning to look at different spelling patterns for the same sound e.g ou (found) and ow (cow). We are also trying to spell our high frequency words correctly now too. 


In numeracy we will be returning to addition and subtraction and writing our own number sentences. We will be remembering our number bonds and doubling numbers to help us solve problems and understanding that subtraction is the inverse of addition. We will now be using the number line and 100 square more, rather than objects to work out the answers.


This term there is also lots of other exciting things going on as well, such as Sports Day, Life Bus visit, Smarden’s Got Talent to name a few. The children will be coming home with their 1st reports and will also be having a transition visit to their new classroom in July too. 


Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Evans, Mrs Rivolta and Mrs Bloomsmar

April 2016

Term 5


Welcome back, we hope that you have had a great Easter holidays and that the children are ready to continue their learning for the Summer Term.


This term we will be continuing our topic of ‘Space’, but will be looking at our planet Earth in particular. We will be thinking about ‘How special our planet is’ This will begin with comparing planet Earth to the other planets and finding out about ‘Life on Earth’. We will be discussing what lives on our planet including humans, animals and plants.


The first Week in literacy we will be looking at the story ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ and learning about seeds and how plants grow. This will involve planting our own seeds and writing our own stories about beanstalks. We will be sequencing days of the week in maths and also comparing objects by weighing them, saying which is heavier and lighter and how to balance the scales. We will also be doing observational drawings of plants and flowers.


This term we will also be learning about fruits and vegetables through the story book ‘Olivers Vegetables’, looking at jungles and plants that are weird and wonderful, and plants that are used to make things with. We will also learn about looking after our environment to make sure that we have an amazing planet in the future.

In phonics we will be recapping on digraphs learnt last term , and building on our knowledge of ‘tricky words’ that we are unable to sound out.


Please continue to support your child at home with their reading as it really does make a difference.

February 2016

Term 4


Welcome back.


Our topic this term has inspired the children in many ways and their interest is endless. The Space topic is proving to be a real favourite. The children enjoyed exploring the planetarium, looking at the planets, the stars and listening to different facts about space. We have been focusing on non-fiction text looking at the titles of books, the contents page, the facts within and the ideas that you don’t need to read the book from front to back.


In Maths we have been looking at number in more detail. The children are learning to count in 2s, to know how to double or half a number. The children will be encouraged to use these skills in problem solving activities including money.


Our space adventure continues during child initiated activities with our role play rocket, our space suit dressing up and masks for storytelling. The children will be building rockets, space stations, satellites and creating their own aliens as well as the perfect space suit. What would yours include?


Later on we are going to be comparing planets including our very special planet Earth. What makes our planet special, why is it different/ What important things can it do?


We are hoping to grow many different plants ready for later next term.

January 2016

Term 3


Welcome back to Kingfishers Class.


We hope you had a lovely Christmas and we wish you a very Happy New Year.


This term the whole school topic is People. We will be thinking about our bodies, what we need to stay healthy and happy, the jobs people do, important people, famous people and people living in the past. Wow!  This is a short term, but we have lots to do!


The children will now be moving on to digraphs, two letter one sound, such as ch, th, sh in their phonics. They will learn the digraphs and understand how they are used in words.


In Maths we will be tackling more complicated counting, addition and subtraction. The children will look at pairs of numbers, numberbonds to 10 and reading higher numbers.


November 2015 - December 2015


This term we will be learning about ‘Festivals and Celebrations’. This will involve learning about different festivals around the world and finding out about how the festival is celebrated. The festivals included will be Birthdays, Diwali, Hanukah, Christmas and many more.


This week we will start off by learning about Bonfire night. In literacy we will be looking at Firework poems and using words to describe the shapes, sounds and colours that they make. In numeracy we will be counting groups of objects and saying what 1 more/1 less would be. We will also be finding out about the history of Guy Fawkes and creating our own firework masterpieces.

This term is a very exciting one as we will also be having a whole school ‘festivals week’ (during week 3) where the children will be taking part in activities influenced by different festivals, these may include art, cooking and dance.

Kingfishers will also be taking part in a Nativity play with KS1, so watch this space to find out more……. Details of what part your child will be playing and dates of the show will follow shortly.


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Evans, Mrs Rivolta & Mrs Bloomsmar

Friday 27th November 2015


We have been focusing on Diwali the Hindu festival of light. The children have made Diva lamps, decorated hands with Mehndi patterns, created Rangoli patterns and lanterns


This week we have been very busy indeed. We have heard all about Stick Mans adventures, where he had been and what he got up to. He sent us a letter asking us to help him. He wanted us to let everyone know that he is Stick Man and not a bat for a ball or a bone for a dog.


We collected lots of different sized sticks from the playground and explored measure in Maths. We measured by comparing lengths. We used found objects from around the classroom such as bricks and cotton reels to measure with too. We learnt the word estimate as we guessed how many cubes each stick might be.

Collecting and measuring sticks


Certificates of the Week Photographs 


Each week children are presented with a certificate, which celebrates their achievements throughout the week, in Learning, Reflect Values & Sport.