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Term 3- The Weather


We hope that you have had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.


Welcome back to school for term 3, This term’s topic is ‘The Weather’ and through this topic we will be looking at similarities and differences. We will begin by brainstorming ‘What is the weather’ and thinking about all the vocabulary and words that we can think of to do with the weather. We will be looking at the weather in different countries and at different times of the year (seasons), and thinking about different activities we do in different types of weather. We will doing a daily weather chart and writing weather diaries.


In Literacy we will be looking at non- fiction texts about snow and ice, seasons, and weather and looking at the weather element through story books such as :- Mr Wolfs Week and The Bear Hunt. We will also be learning and reciting weather songs and poems such as ‘Dr Foster went to Gloucester’ and ‘The North wind does blow’.


In Numeracy we will be mainly concentrating on Addition and also Shape. Firstly we will recap on number recognition and counting groups correctly, including objects that can be moved. We will then begin to combine groups by adding together and using apparatus to complete simple addition number sentences. We will move onto using a numberline and the children will be taught to jump forwards when adding and jump backwards when taking away.


Please find attached our topic web which also gives some more details about other interesting learning that will be taking place in the other areas of the curriculum.

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