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Year 5&6 - Barracudas

Mrs shone, Mr Jessup;our SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) Student Teacher with us this year,Mrs Earl-Shand and Mrs Naden; our Higher Level Teaching Assistants would all like to welcome you to the...

Year 5 & 6 BARRACUDAS Class page.

Term 5 & 6- OCEANS


20/06/14- Barracudas celebrated La Fete De La Musique on Friday by playing the Djembe drums. They learnt techniques to create tone and rhythm by  using different parts of their hands to hit the drums. We were all very impressed by such strong musical talents. It was a fantastic day shared by Pluckley and Smarden Primary Schools.
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19/06/14- What a fantastic school trip we have had at Chatham Dockyards. We have explored the three historic war ship;The Ocelot, a submarine, The Cavalier and HMS Gannet. All of the children were so well behaved, and our tour guides commented on this, well done Barracudas and Turtles.



12/05/14-We would like to wish all of our Year 6 pupils the best of luck this week with your SATS. It is your opportunity to show us the fruition of all the hard work you have put in during KS2. We know you will shine.



05/05/14-Please come and have a look in our hall, at the artistic talents within Barracudas Class. Based around our Ocean Topic, the pupils worked in collaboration to produce a collage of six pieces of art based on one image. 




We are very impressed, and are certain that you will be too.
We hope that you are all enjoying your Easter Break, I wonder if anyone has ventured down to the seaside? If you do, then perhaps you could be on the look out for any driftwood or shells for our next Creative Curriculum topic- OCEANS. The classroom looks amazing, ready to inspire you! We have uploaded some photos for you to have a sneak preview.
This term we shall be learning about the Galapagos Islands, exploring Ocean quest stories in literacy, evolution and Inheritance through the Ocean life in science, and so much more! See you all very soon.
Mrs Shone & Mr Jessup 
Term 4 -Cold Deserts
Hello Barracudas, I hope that you had a lovely half term break. This term we shall be exploring Cold Desert locations. We shall begin learning about Antarctica and how Captain James Cook first discovered a Southern Continent. Our creative curriculum will link in history and geography, looking at timelines, longitude and latitude and habitats. We shall also be delving into Australia and creating Aboriginal art pieces of our own, using the same techniques used! We look forward to the warmer weather and learning outside. It won’t be too much longer before our New Building work commences. We shall have an opportunity this term to map out the floor plan in the playground, and be budding architects in the making.
TERM 3- Hot Deserts

Happy New Year! and welcome back Barracudas. We hope that you had a relaxing Christmas break, and are looking forward to what 2014 will bring. In Term 3 and 4, through our Creative Curriculum, we will be learning about...
'The Deserts of the World'
In term 3 we will focus on Hot Desert Locations, and in Term 4 Cold Desert Locations.

In our literacy learning the Term will start off by researching the Deserts of the World, and each table group focusing in more detail on individual locations to create a guide for visitors in the form of a Tourist Information Leaflet.
This will link into our Geography learning of exploring contrasting locations around the wider world;sustainability and economic development through Tourism.
In our science learning this term, we shall be exploring forces and electricity to create our very own sand buggies!
Linking our topic of Deserts through Art, we shall be creating textured paintings through sand art; sand bottles and Japanese Sand Gardens.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone next week, and hearing all about your holiday break.

Mrs Shone, Mr Jessup.
Mrs Naden and Mrs Earll-Shand  

TERM 2- Rainforests
Welcome back to Term 2 Barracudas. I hope that you all had a lovely half term after our very long Term 1. Well done for all working so hard. We have so much planned for Term 2 to look forward to.

We have Beauty and The Beast Pantomime to look forward to, and shall be basing our literacy learning around Traditional Tales. We shall write some of our own Traditional Tales, as well as linking this to our Rainforest's Topic. In addition to this we shall be learning about myths and legends!
We shall be Wearing it Pink-to raise awareness as well as money to support Charity focuses on Breast Cancer, and also raising money for Children in Need.
In our math's learning, we will start the Term off by exploring our knowledge of fractions and data handling. This will involve problem solving using the TASC Wheel and out door learning!
Our science Topic this Term is Chains and Webs, which will involve many practical and hands on sessions within the classroom, and within our Woodlands.
Look out for the updated photos as the Term progresses, can you spot yourself I wonder?

Mrs Shone & Mr Jessup
Mrs Earl-Shand & Mrs Naden 

TERM 1-Rainforests

For Term 1 & 2 we will start off with the creative curriculum topic of 'The Rainforest's'.

Our classroom reflects a Rainforest feel to inspire your imaginations, and we look forward to seeing all of the wonderful learning that will be on display soon. Please take a look at out topic web attached for an insight into what we will be learning over the next two terms.
Our class newsletters will be posted fortnightly, alongside photos celebrating our learning on display in our classroom.

Mrs Shone 

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