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Year 3/4- The Planners Class

Welcome to Planners Class 2014-15

We are nearly at the end of Term 4 and what a super term we have had.  In the second week we enjoyed our class trip to Leeds Castle where the children consolidated their learning on Anglo Saxons with a fantastic interactive workshop exploring life through the ages.  

We have been focusing on learning about the United States of America as part of our topic, 'Countries of the World'.  The children have been learning about its geography and famous landmarks, with some super learning going on at home as part of our homework. Thank you for your support.

The children have developed their skills in shape, space and measure in numeracy and writing in literacy.  

Next term, we shall be learning about countries of the other continents, starting with Europe.  Please refer to our class newsletters for further details.  

May I wish you all a very happy and restful half term and look forward to continuing our learning in Planners Class with as much energy and enthusiasm as we showed this term.

Mrs Earll-Shand
Welcome back to Term 3

This term, we shall be learning through our creative curriculum topic'The United Kingdom' 
We shall be learning about England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
Can you find out about each of these regions capital cities, and name some famous landmarks?

Mrs Shone and Mrs Wilson welcome you all back after half term break. We hope that you all had fun. This will be a great term two, one of my favourites with the build up to Christmas. We have introduced a raffle reward system. Work hard, use all of your BLP skills, present your work neatly and earn lots of raffles to dip into our treasure reward box. This term we shall be focusing on poetry, through imagery and humour. Additionally, we shall explore stories by the same Author through the work of Anthony Browne. We shall be working had to improve our handwriting skills and presentation of our work.
In our maths learning, each week there will be a mental maths focus, please keep practising your checkers timetables, number bonds to 100, understanding of place value, and inverse operations. We shall also put our learning into real life context each lesson , ending with a word problem scenario. Please take a look at Term 2 mid-term planner to see in a little more detail what our curriculum coverage will be.

Mrs Shone 

There are now some useful web links on our class page, these can be used in addition to homework set, or to support your child's learning at home in any areas needed. This week in maths wee have been focusing on data handling and bar charts.

This week is anti-bullying focus week, and we have been given the exciting task of writing a 'child friendly' policy to support our school anti-bullying policy. We have started by creating anti-bullying shields giving advice and support on how to focus on the power of a group, and strength in unison. Look out for our new leaflets in the near future, giving advice and suggestions on how to all look after each other and work in unison. We have our class assembly this Friday, please do come and join us.
 Remember to wear something blue on Friday, so that we can stand in solidarity together to make a stance against bullying.

This week we will be continuing with our poetry unit focusing on imagery techniques. We have written some excellent poems based on Kent creatures found in woodland areas, look out for some of these to be posted on our website soon!
We have been getting to grips with time, always tricky, and seems to speed up as we get older!
Planners class will be comparing analogue and digital time, and solving timetable word problems. Help at home with this would support your Childs learning. Could you create a timetable of daily, weekend events, and then work out time differences?
Don't forget it's children in need and wear a super hero outfit, something spotty or own clothes on Friday for a donation of £1. Thank you.
It was so lovely to have the opportunity to speak with so many of you at parents evening. If you were unable to attend, please do make an appointment in the office, to discuss your child's learning and progress.

A massive welcome back from the Year 3 and 4 team!

As I am sure you are aware, our school-wide topic until Christmas, looks at the county of Kent.

In Literacy, we are focussing on a range of texts, from the works of Charles Dickens, including Oliver Twist, to working on poetry. Our main aim is to understand that we are writing for an audience, and make sure that by use of description and exciting language that those reading our work keep coming back for more!

Our focus in maths will be to ensure a deep understanding of the number system and ensuring that the skills of calculation are applied well to problem solving. Our main aim is to enable us to apply our knowledge to problems that we come across in real life, so anything you can do outside of school to encourage the use of mathematics is appreciated!

Elsewhere in the curriculum, we are looking at the use and properties of various materials, and discussing why those materials were chosen over others. Through observations of the new build and the surrounding area, we are seeking to develop our understanding of these choices and know that all decisions are made for a reason.

Our history topic looks at the Tudor legacy that has been left in Kent, including looking at the history of Hever castle and the historic dockyards.  We will be able to, later in the term, apply our materials knowledge to making our own version of the Tudor ships.

All of us in the Year 3/4 team look forward to working with you over the coming year, and if you ever have any concerns, feel free to come in for a chat!
Mr. Coxall
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