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Year 3/4 - Kestrels

Mr Bedford Cooper and Mrs Breach
would like to welcome you to Kestrels Class


I shall be teaching the class this year alongside  Mrs Breach and we are both really looking forward to a fantastic year in our lovely new classroom.

Our topic until half-term is patterns and we are already getting stuck in! We are examining syllabic poems, instructions and fictional stories for our literacy this term and looking for patterns in writing. We are primarily examining haikus but shall also be looking at tankas as well.

Our maths shall focus primarily on numbers and shape, with an especial emphasis on making sure that our number bonds, place value, addition and subtraction are secure. We shall be looking to make patterns in our shapes and looking for common patterns number facts.

Our science topic shall be on plants, a subject that is always exciting as we grow plants in the classroom. We are looking at patterns in nature and shall be continuing to do so with art and DT as well.

For PE we shall be doing gymnastics and dance, which we look forward to performing with great enthusiasm!

We are looking to be a creative and imaginative class with an emphasis on making learning enjoyable!

I firmly believe that enthusiasm is the basis of all learning and something that all teachers should strive to achieve. We have already been looking at our classroom behaviour and have made a lovely class charter for us all (including adults) to help maximise our learning potential. We are looking to be inclusive, friendly and welcoming.

Challenger Troop - Tiger Troop

Challenger Troop - Tiger Troop 1
Challenger Troop - Tiger Troop 2
Challenger Troop - Tiger Troop 3
Challenger Troop - Tiger Troop 4
Challenger Troop - Tiger Troop 5
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Awards - Tiger Troop

Awards - Tiger Troop 1
Awards - Tiger Troop 2
Awards - Tiger Troop 3
Awards - Tiger Troop 4
Awards - Tiger Troop 5

April 2016

Term 5


This term we are excited to continue with our space topic, being such a broad topic provides such wonderful opportunities for learning.


We are going to be examining North and South America during our geography topic, space-related astronaut training (and make ourselves a mission-log cataloguing it!) and swimming during PE, Islam during RE, food during art and a variety of topics during our maths, literacy and grammar.


As always we aim to make learning fun and enjoyable, and as summer (finally) begins to break the opportunities for outdoor learning expand as well.


We hope to get outside as much as possible so keep an eye out here and on classdojo for pictures! 

January 2016

Term 3


Welcome back everyone! Hopefully we are all now well rested and ready for the new term to begin!


Our topic for the term is people and as such we shall be looking at some inspirational figures across a range of subjects. These range from famous artists, sportsmen and musicians to famous activists. It is a fantastic topic and hopefully we shall learn a lot from it!


We are also covering some other exciting subjects this term! We shall learning about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in history and English, a personal favourite of mine, including the epic poem Beowulf.


In maths we shall be looking at decimals, division and measure and in science we shall be looking at digestion. Excitingly we shall be having Spanish for the first time as well which we are all looking forward to immensely!


Finally, who could forget that this term we are having 6 weeks of Tiger Trooper! This action packed course promises to be a lot of fun, develop life skills and prove highly memorable for all involved!


As always, we strive towards providing excellent teaching that is fun and interesting as well as informative. We always aim to have fun in Kestrels class and with our new classdojo app we hope to show you photos to prove it!


Mr Bedford-Cooper

Friday 27th November 2015


We have had a lovely week and learnt lots! We were lucky enough to look at some 2000year old artefacts dug up in Canterbury on Monday which we shall be looking at researching in the coming week. This was highly enjoyable and provides us with some fantastic evidence in our local history study.


We have also been making electrical circuits this week and had a fantastic lesson creating circuits! The children had great fun and hopefully learnt a lot as well!


We have also been lucky enough to have a new class member and would like to welcome Grace to Kestrels class.


It has been a great week of learning and attitudes have been terrific. Keep it going Kestrels!

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Certificates of the Week


Each week children are presented with a certificate, which celebrates their achievements throughout the week, in Learning, Reflect Values & Sport