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Year 3/4 - Kestrels

Mr Bedford-Cooper welcomes you to Kestrels Class 2016/17



We aim to be open and transparent with our learning and teaching so if anyone has any questions, relating to the classroom environment,  please feel free to contact myself either in person, through the school or, if a parent, through classdojo. 


PE is every Monday afternoon

Term 6


In Term 6 we end the year with an exciting and daring new topic – MI6 Research lab.

During this topic we intend to delve into scientific debates, mysteries and explore electricity with experiments of our own!


In our literacy we shall be exploring discussion and debate with issues such as the ethics of research and animal experimentation before moving onto newspaper reports with hot scientific issues.


For our maths we intend to continue to investigate number and fractions before moving onto measurement and statistics.


Our science this term shall be electricity where we intend to delve into the workings of a circuit, the dangers of electricity, conductors, insulators and switches. We shall be exploring this topic with a combination of experiments, evaluations, research and personal analysis.


Our MFL shall continue to be Spanish, our music shall continue with our Ukulele tutoring and PE shall moving to athletics with Team Theme. Our RE shall focus on Islam with a focus on the 5 Pillars and prayer; PSHE shall focus on friendship.


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In Year 3 we cover the following areas of study:
In Year 4 we cover the following areas of study: