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Year 3&4 - Film Fanatics


Welcome to Film Fanatics' class page! This is where you can discover what we have been learning, and what we will be learning as the term goes on. Browse our pictures and videos to get a glimpse of our exciting learning.

This summer's topic has remained Film and Television. We felt the topic was so rich we had to study it another term, and Film Fanatics have made a fantastic start to the term so far.

In Literacy, we have been focusing on persuasive texts. We have studied all types of advertising - magazine prints, TV commercials, radio jingles, film trailers - and have identified the features that make them persuade people to buy their products. We then made our creative and persuasive posters, and next we will look into how to write our own persuasive letters to encourage people to watch our films!

In Maths, we have been learning about number patterns and sequencing. We have ordered price lists including decimal places, studied sequences that change and even put converted measurements in the correct order! Now we move on to finding out about perimeter and area, measuring the everyday objects around us to understand how simple changes to a shape can greatly affect it's area and perimeter.

Other highlights coming up this term:
  • In Music, we will begin our whole-KS2 singing rehearsals for our summer play 'Wind in the Willows'
  • In Art, we are focusing on 3D models, using papier-mache and other techniques to create our own Film and Television-inspired pieces of art
  • In Science, materials is our topic of focus, investigating the different properties of materials and how this affects their ability to insulate heat and absorb water.
  • In RE, we have already begun inquiring into Judaism, researching artefacts and discussing their importance to believers.
Please look at the pictures and newsletters below to see more of what Film Fanatics have been getting up to so far this term!

Mr. Gardner
Picture 1 Investigating materials of musical instruments.
Picture 2 Maths problem solving -how can we divide 15 coins?
Picture 3 We created shadow puppet plays in Science.
Picture 4 We show our learning using the whiteboard.
Picture 5 Singing has helped us remember Anglo-Saxon trivia.
Picture 6 We love puppets helping us use talk partners.
Picture 7 Providing a soundtrack for Press Gang's battle!
Picture 8 A wonderful 'film star' jump!
Picture 9 We have recreated film scenes using shoeboxes.
Picture 10 We think about the skills we use in our learning.
Picture 11 Film Fanatics created questions about our topic.
Picture 12 Film posters - all produced at home!
Picture 13 Creating our own soundproof boxes.
Picture 14 Investigating 3D shapes.
Picture 15 Palm leaves at the Easter service.