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Year 1/2- The Designers Class

Welcome to the Designers Class! 
Our Class Mascots are called ‘Ralph & Lauren’

We are wonderful Year 1 & 2, who all enjoy learning together! 

WB 15.6.15

This week we are starting a new unit in Literacy and are revisiting non fiction, information texts. We will be thinking about the features of information books and labelling these such as contents page , glossary, index page, photographs and headings. We will be gathering information about minibeasts in order to create our own information books. In numeracy this week we are looking at using our number bonds to help us add together 2 digit numbers, Year 2's are adding 3 digit numbers together using the column addition method. In science this week we will be learning about germinating seeds and will be actually planting our own seeds to see what they turn into depending on their conditions.
DON'T FORGET- This weds at 1.30 at the Charter Hall is our Awards Ceremony, followed by our Class Assembly on Thursday this week in the school hall. Please do come along to see what we have been learning and to have a cuppa with Mrs Thewlis afterwards.

WB 8.6.15

This week we are continuing our poetry unit on 'The Seaside', the children have really enjoyed remembering their experiences of the beach. On Tuesday they loved creating their own 'musical poems' sounds from the beach, where we used all musical percussion instruments possible to create the waves crashing, the seagulls swalking and the ice cream vans musical tunes. In maths we have been been revisiting adding by counting on and partitioning. We are starting our new history unit on Mary Secole- What can you find out about her?

Year 1 Parents- In a few weeks time the year 1's will be taking a 'Phonics screening test' that the government have put in place. If you would like further information about the test please see the link:-
or come and speak to me if you have any questions.

WB 1.6.15
Welcome back to Term 6 and June! We hope you have had a great half term. This term we will be continuing our learning about 'Countries of the World'. This week in Literacy we are learning about poems  and will be thinking about the beach and different emotions we feel whilst there. We have a busy week ahead with the Year 1's starting tennis on a Thursday each week so please make sure your PE kits are in school all week. In Science this week we will be looking at different habitats and what might live in the habitat outside at school. We will begin our RE topic on 'Belonging' and this will involve thinking about special places and why they are special to us. This Friday is our Sports Festival at the Julie Rose Stadium, so make sure you remember to wear your PE kit and House coloured T shirt. You will need to be dropped off there from 8.45 and then a coach will bring you back to school later. We are lucky to still have our student teacher Miss Moore with us this week and next week, but then she will be going back to uni.

Well done Year 2's for completing your SAT's tests, you have all done well and tried your hardest. We hope you have a great half term, you deserve a rest after all that hard work!!

WB 18.5.15
Wow, where has time gone??? I can't believe it is already the last week of term. This week the year 2's will be doing their SAT's tests which include 2 writing tasks, a spelling test, maths test and a reading comprehension. You have al been working so hard I am sure you will all doing amazingly. The year 1's will be working on time this week, a difficult concept for some of you. We will be learning to read o'clock and half past on both analogue and digital clocks. The children are really excited as this week we will be writing letters to children in an international school in Saudi Arabia where Mrs Evans' friend works. We will be thinking about questions we would like to ask the children about their school, country and culture. Watch this space......

WB 11.5.15
This week in literacy we will be starting our new unit on letter writing, we will be looking at the use of letters in stories such as 'Dear Zoo' and 'Dear Greenpeace'. We will also be writing our own letters to ask questions and find out facts about things. In numeracy we move onto 3D shapes and will be using vocabulary to describe them including faces, edges and sides.

WB 4.5.15
We hope you had a great Bank Holiday Monday. This week we will be learning about the features if Fairy tales and using these features to write our very own fairy tales. In numeracy we will be finding differences by counting up from the smaller number to the bigger number, some of us will be doing this by jumping along a blank number line.

WB 27.4.15
This week we will be continuing our learning on Fairy Tales in literacy, but will be looking at the story 'Rapunzel'. We will be thinking about problems in fairy tales and how we might resolve the problem, or find a solution. In numeracy we will be adding 10, 20, 30, 40 to numbers and also partitioning numbers to find doubles as well as halving. Don't forget this Friday is our 'Around the world ' day where we will be learning about the 7 different continents, taking part in a different activity and learning facts about each of the continents..... The teachers have thought up lots of exciting and creative activities for you.

Welcome back to school for Term 5, the Summer Term. This term our new creative curriculum topic is 'The Countries of the World' where we have lots of exciting activities planned.

In Literacy this term we will start by looking at Traditional tales from different Countries and will then move onto Letter Writing, where we will write to school children in another Country.

In Numeracy we will be revisiting and extending our learning on calculations, as well as time and shape. The year 2's will also be getting ready for their SAT's that take place towards the end of May.

In Science this term we will be learning about living things and their habitats, this will include Animals and plants in different Countries.

I am really looking forward to Art where we will be looking at the art of different Countries, this will include re-creating our own Greek vases and mosaics and having a go at making our own rain makers.

Through our topic work we will be using our mapping skills to find out where different Countries are, how we might get there and also the similarities and differences with our Country and theirs e.g food/ climate/ habitats.

We Look forward to continuing working in partnership with you, and hope that you all had a good Easter Break.


We had a great day out today at the Museum of Kent Life where the children joined Blake Class from Pluckley to learn all about the World War II. We did a workshop on rationing where we learnt about the foods that we could get easily and the foods that were rationed. Then we also learnt about the Home Guard where we did some training in marching. The children also visited the 1940's house and saw what it would have been like to live in this era. We were also lucky enough to meet lots of farm animals including baby lambs and goats. Well done for being so well behaved and for all those great costumes.

This afternoon with thanks to FOSP we had an Easter Egg Hunt in the playground, the children really enjoyed searching for the clues and eggs. Thank you FOSP :-) See the photos below.

WB 16.3.15
In science this week we have been continuing our learning on forces. Today we made a fair test to see how far the cars would travel, and then measured them. See the photos of our investigation.

WB 9/3/15
This week we will be learning about Recounts in literacy and will be using the book 'Farmer Duck'. In numeracy we will be visiting 'capacity' where we will have lots of hands on experience of measuring out water, comparing containers and deciding whether amounts are more or less than a litre. We hope you enjoyed last Friday's class assembly. Don't forget this Friday is red nose day, come to school dressed in red and bring in a donation for charity. If you haven't already got your red nose Mrs Caulfield will be selling them on the gate all this week. Also after school on Friday there is a 'Mother's Day tea' where you can bring your Mum for a cuppa and cake..... Don't forget to spoil Mummy on Sunday. If you haven't already signed up for a slot- Parent Consultations are next Monday and Tuesday.

4th March- A big thank you to all of you that were able to come along to our learning together session today, and work with the children on our bead problem solve. We really enjoyed having you ,and the children loved sharing their learning with you this morning. Thank you for all the positive comments and feedback from the session.

WB 2/3/15
Well what a busy week this week.....
Wednesday is our learning together maths session.
Thursday is World book day- come dressed as your favourite book character ,come into school from 8am to have 'breakfast with a book'.
Friday is our class assembly, in the school hall from 9.05- all welcome :-)

Welcome back  to term 4, we hope you have had a great half term. This week we will be learning in literacy about fantasy stories. We will start the week off by looking at the book 'The Whales song' and thinking about adjectives to describe the whales, writing character profiles and our own fantasy stories. In numeracy we will continue to learn about place value- Hundreds, tens and units and how these are made up. In Science we will begin our new unit on forces- and will begin by thinking about different toys that push and pull.

This week we will be learning about doubling and halving in maths , we will be using different methods whilst working out division number sentences such as grouping. In Literacy we will be looking at nonsense poems and thinking about what makes them silly. We will be giving our opinions about poems and giving reasons for our opinions e.g. why we like or dislike a particular one. We will also be using verbs for actions and movements when creating our own nonsense poems about the teachers at our school!! Watch this space!! This Wednesday is our open classroom, so you can come in and see the new classroom, and take a look at your child's work straight after pick up time. Don't forget no school this coming Friday as it is a staff INSET day. Hope you have a great half term after you finish school on Thursday :-)

The children were really excited this morning when they arrived in class...... Our new blue chairs had arrived and look great in the new classroom. Then there was added excitement as we were able to have assembly back in the school hall for the first time in 7 months since the build began. The children have also enjoyed using the new reading area today, and more has been added after school.... it's has a theme of a reading garden.... take a look at the new photos below.

WB 2.2.15
Wow I can't believe it's February already.... and we have had a little snow too!
This week in numeracy we will be learning about number sequences, recapping on our 2x and 5x tables and thinking about multiplication. We will be recording our number sentences as repeated addition and as multiplication sums, we will also be drawing arrays to show these multiplication facts. In literacy we will be beginning our new unit on Tongue Twisters... so get ready for saying some very silly sentences. If you have any tongue twisters at home then bring them into class to share, these might include 'She sells sea shells' or 'Peter pepper picked a pepper' or your family might have one of their own? The new classroom is really great, and the children are very settled.... This week we will be creating a reading corner, so watch this space and we will add some new photos.

We have had a wonderful day in our new classroom, The children have been super stars and we have been really proud by how calm and sensible they have been in their new environment. Well done to you all. Please take a look at the photos of the new classroom below.

WB 26.1.15
Firstly Thank you to all of you that were able to make it to our class assembly last Friday :-)
Well we have a very exciting week ahead of us, as all being well we will be moving into the new classrooms later this week....... I have been lucky enough to go and have a look last week..... well what can I say the classrooms are light, bright and airy with lots of space for learning. The carpets were down, the cupboards and sinks were in and the Interactive Whiteboard up!!! I can't wait to get in there and make it our own special learning environment. This week is our assessment week, so during the first part of the week we will be taking part in some activities to be assessed e.g mental maths test and a big write. We will also be continuing our learning with non-fiction writing, this will include expressing our views and opinions as well as writing letters. The afternoons will be jam packed whilst we continue to investigate electricity and circuits, learning new french songs, and investigating old toys.

Today we have been following instructions to make our own rockets, have a look at the bottom of the page at the photos to see how we got on.
This week in literacy we will be beginning our non fiction unit on instructions. We will begin the week off by thinking about our toys and creating lists of toys we have and would like to have. As the week continues we will move onto writing instructions on how to make various things including making a toy rocket. Can you tell someone the features of a list and instructions? In numeracy we will be learning about weighing, we will be comparing objects and then measuring them using non-standard units of weight aswell as measuring weights of objects to the nearest 100g. DONT FORGET THIS FRIDAY 23RD IT IS OUR CLASS ASSEMBLY.... COME ALONG TO THE ZION CHAPEL FOR 9.05 TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE BEEN LEARNING.

In literacy this week we will be continuing our learning through dragon stories. We will be learning through the story 'The Dragon Machine' by Helen Ward, and will also be looking at the legend of 'George and the Dragoon'. We will be writing character descriptions, our own endings to the story as well as planning and writing our own Dragon stories. In numeracy we are learning about 10 more and 10 less than a 2 digit number, as well as adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers, using the 100 square and the beaded line. In science we will continue our Electricity unit, by looking at the dangers of electricity and making our own safety posters.

Firstly could we say a big thank you to everyone that gave us Christmas cards and gifts at the end of term, It was very much appreciated. Thank you. Mrs Evans, Mrs Niven and Mrs Ford.
Welcome back after the Christmas Holidays, we hope that you have had a great Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year.

This term we will be starting our new Creative curriculum topic on 'The United Kingdom' and we will be enjoying learning about different places and landmarks in the UK. You will find our new topic curriculum map below in the documents section in more detail, but here are a few highlights to our learning over terms 3 & 4:-

Literacy- Tales from different Cultures, Poetry-Playing with language & Instruction writing.
Numeracy-Addition/Subtraction, Estimating and measuring, Multiples and properties of numbers.
PE- Dance & Gym
PSHE- Getting on and Falling out
RE- Hinduism
Art-Portraits and Observational drawings
Geography- Maps & History-Toys



This week we have a very busy week ahead including our Nativity play on Weds at 2pm and 5pm. On wednesday please can you make sure you bring your child back at 4.45 for the 5pm performance in costumes to the Zion Chapel, thanks. We will be having our Christmas Service on Tuesday at 9.15, and of course Christmas dinner on Thursday. We will continue our Learning of poetry this week which will include creating acrostic poems, where each lines starts with a letter from a word e.g . WINTER is
Weather is cold
Inviting fires
Need to wear scarves and gloves
Tasty chocolate treats
Exciting time
Reindeers pulling sleighs
In numeracy we will be recapping on our learning from this term, this includes ordinal numbers through the 12 days of Christmas song, Recognising coins and give change when purchasing toys & presents as well as Chrismas problem solving. Thank you to so many of you that came to the Christmas fair on Saturday, we hope you enjoyed our tasting treats that we enjoyed making last week.

8.12.14- Today after school 4 children from the class went to John Wallis school to take part in an infant agility competition. They did really well and tried very hard at some tricky activities, Well done! Photos of the event are on the gallery section. 

Week Beginning 8.12.14

This week in Literacy we will be continuing our learning about poetry, we will be learning about animal rhymes and riddles and creating our own using our senses. We will be thinking about what the animals look like, how they move, what sounds they make and what they eat to create describing words and sentences to use in our poems. We will be also performing our poems to each other and thinking about ways to make our voices exciting using expression. This week is going to be a busy week as we will also be making our gifts for the Christmas fair on Saturday, the children will be following recipes to make lots of lovely treats that you will able to buy :-) yum yum!!! This Friday the children will also be meeting up with some of the elderly residents from the village to have a Christmas afternoon  tea, where they will sing a few Christmas songs to them and have a chat and a cake. Don't forget this week we need all the costumes in by Wednesday for our Nativity please.

Week Beginning 1.12.14

This week in literacy we will be starting our poetry unit and will be looking at animal poems and nonsense poems. If you have any poems at home that you would like to bring in to share that would be lovely. We will begin the week with looking at poems that rhyme and looking for rhyming couplets, aswell as making up new lines for the poems with words that rhyme. In numeracy this week we are doing our maths assessments, which will involve remembering units that we have already learnt. Our nativity play is coming along nicely and the children are getting very excited about it, please do continue to help your child learn their lines. Thanks.
Mrs T Evans

Nativity update- 26.11.14
Today I have sent home a script with all children that have a speaking part in the play, we have practised these parts today and will continue to practise at school. I would also be very grateful if you could practise your child's lines with them at home so that they are able to remember them whilst on stage and also encourage them to speak in a clear loud voice. Thanks. We would appreciate if you can get the costumes into school by Wed 10th Dec, in a bag with your child's name clearly written on it. Please do see either myself or Mrs Rivolta if you have any questions about the costumes.
Mrs Toni Evans

Week Beginning 24.11.14
This week we will be continuing our learning in literacy on Non-fiction texts, we will be comparing fiction and non-fiction books and then writing our own facts about polar bears using the features of non fiction. As the week continues, we will create pages for our own non fiction class big book where we will work together in a group to create a page each. In numeracy we are moving onto working on time, this will begin with re-learning our days of the week and months of the year and solving word problems around this. Alongside this we will also be learning about adding and taking away near multiples of 10 (e.g 9 or 11) working with 2 digit numbers. In science we are continuing our learning on materials and how they can change. Can you tell someone some of the different ways that materials can change? How many different ways can you think of?
Last week I added a few new links at the bottom of the page for websites and games that you might like to use at home. I hope you find these useful.

Update 19.11.14
Today your child should have come home with a letter with some of the details about our Christmas Nativity play.... This will take place on Weds 17th December at 2pm and 5pm. The letter states what part your child will be taking in the play and that we would be grateful if you can supply a costume. The costumes do not need to come into school yet, but just thought you might like some advance warning, I will be letting you know in a few weeks time when we would like the costumes in school by. The children have already started learning the songs are are very excited about it!!! Please do speak to me if you have any questions about the costume or performance.
Mrs T Evans

Week Beginning 17.11.14
This week in Literacy we are learning about non-fiction texts and the features we find in non- fiction books. I wonder if you can remember what some of the features are called and why they are there? E.g what is a heading? and what is it's job in the book? We have started the week off on Monday by finding out about sharks, but will continue with other animals and fact finding as the week goes on. What non-fiction books can you find at home? In numeracy we are revisiting are learning on 2D shapes and their properties. We will be sorting them by different criteria and learning about how to record our findings in venn diagrams. This week is anti-bullying week so we will be thinking about this during our PSHE sessions and thinking about what we think a bully is, and what makes a good friend. DON'T FORGET THIS FRIDAY COME DRESSED IN BLUE CLOTHES (no donation needed) as part of our anti bullying week.
This year we will be taking part in a nativity play with the year R class, so watch this space, details will follow in the next week.......

Mrs T Evans , Mrs K Niven and Mrs C Ford

This Term our creative curriculum topic is KENT. At the beginning of the term, we all had a think about what we would like to learn and find out about Kent. The children all came up with some excellent thoughts. Here are a few of our ideas…
Why Kent is called Kent? - Cicely
What can you do in Kent? - Millie
How many houses are there in Kent? - Flora
How many football pitches are there in Kent? – Ryan
How many orchards are there in Kent? - Tilda
Are there corn fields in Kent? - India
Is Kent big? – Will
In literacy this term, we shall start the term by learning about stories in familiar Kent settings, Posters, labels and lists. We shall design a poster on Keeping Kent clean, baking apple pies, making scarecrows, and looking at the different styles of houses in our village of Smarden.
In maths, we shall be recognising number bonds to 10,20 and 100, and finding 10 more or 10 less than a given number. Then we shall be exploring the value of different coins, and doing some shopping in our Kentish Market within our classroom!
Our science topic this term is ‘Healthy Me’ and we have already started our learning by making healthy food plates, and thinking about what we need to keep ourselves healthy. We shall be thinking about the type of produce grown in Kent, and comparing this to food found in our local farm shop.
Our other subjects will also be linked to the topic of Kent, with a focus on Food and Farming and our local area.  Please take a look at our topic web to discover all of the exciting things that we shall be learning about.
We look forward to working with you all this Year, and sharing our love of learning and discovery in partnership together.
Mrs Shone – Class Teacher
Mrs Ford- HLTA 
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