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Year 1&2 - Superstars

Our topic this term is: Film and Television.

17.7.13 I wanted to show off the wonderful collaborative work the Superstars have been doing on the construction of their Flintstone cars!  These will be coming home this week, so I wanted to give you a peek at the hard work that went into them - photos in the gallery.

16.7.13 Just enjoyed a wonderful evening at Wind in the Willows!  I've uploaded lots of our photos from our class trip to Dungeness, you can find them in the Gallery.

2.6.13 And we're back up and broadcasting!  Just in time to remind you about tomorrow's trip, although we are all SO EXCITED I don't think you can have missed it!  Wellies for pond dipping and sunhats for the beach - we will be exploring coastal habitats.  Also looking forward to seeing you all on Friday morning for our class assembly! 
Picture 1
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22.5.13 Bee - utiful Bee Day yesterday!  There are 250 species of Bee found in the UK and I think we had a costume for almost every one!  Lots of Super photos to follow, but have attached Ruby, Georgia and Elizabeth's Bee Song to start us off.  Some more bees now buzzing around in the gallery.

20.5.13 Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is BEE DAY!!!  We are raising money to build and maintain a hive on the Pluckley School allotment, to be able to run Bee workshops for us, and to plant a Bee Garden in our playground.  The plight of the Bees is important and we can all do our bit by dressing up as a Bee - or wearing something yellow!!!  Please remember to bring £1 donation.  Bee there or Bee square!

13.5.13 Thank you for coming to our Class Assembly, it was lovely to see so many of you!  We really enjoyed telling you about our learning and showing you what we have been working on.
We are in the process of planning our class trip for next term and will let you know the date and details when they are finalised.  We are looking into going to Dungerness and Greatstone to investigate the coastline for our Geography.
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2.5.13 Our Celebration Art is now on display around the school and grounds, including scarecrows on the playground, so do try to spot them while picking up your children.  I have added some photos of the 'work in progress' and the final products!  This week we have been identifying the different details of our own houses and comparing them with other members of the class to help us find more.  Tomorrow we are off around the village with our sketch pads to collect details and features of different houses that we would like to include in our own dream home!!


23.4.13  We've had a great start to the week by writing some wonderful stories about the adventures of ahouse that blasts off into space!  Today was the first day of our OFSTED celebration and we worked really hard on sketching Self Portraits onto artists canvases.  These will be part of a full school display but for a sneaky peek, there are some up in the gallery!


20.4.13 Welcome back everyone.  I hope you had a good break and a lovely holiday.  We have definitely all come back raring to go!

This week we have been looking at the literary genre of Fantasy.  After looking at the dragonsin How to Train Your Dragon, we have used our imagination to create our own fantasy pet.  We have worked very hard this week and really impressed Ms. Berry with the variety of adjectives we thought of to describe how our pet's look and feel.  We also thought of verbs to descibe how they move.  In Art and ICT we created images of our fantasy pets.  It has been a busy week but one we have really enjoyed!
The postcards we've received so far are great, and we look forward to getting more over the year.

We have had a lovely day today, the sun was shining, we saw many of you at the Easter Service and we had great fun hunting for Easter Eggs with FOSP (thank you we had so much fun!!!).  We are finishing off our Africa topic by looking at the lives of different children in Africa and comparing our lives with theirs.  
We are looking forward to receiving postcards for around the country and maybe even from another country!

19.3.13 We are now well into our Geography topic of Africa.  Last week through the Lion King we explored the animals of the Savannah and came up with our own WOW words to describe their habitats, diet and themselves.  This week we are turning our attention to African food and comparing the food we eat in England to the food people eat in different African countries.  The children's breakfast diaries have been very helpful as they have been trying different African breakfasts, describing them and comparing them to our own breakfasts.  Check out the photos below of our tasting sessions!!

10.3.13 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!  The children worked very hard to make you a beautiful card this week and it is completely my fault that they didn't go home, I'm very sorry, but you will get it Monday and I hope they are spoiling you rotten today!!!

7.3.13  World Book Day looked fabulous in our class - super costumes, lots of props and a wonderful variety of characters!
We had Hagrid, James Bond, Spiderman, Brave, Woody and many more - every book and film genre was covered. There are photos of us in our costumes in the Superstars albumn in the Gallery.  Thank you to the parents who came in for Breakfast and a Book. I know the children really enjoyed having a story before school.  
It may be World Book Day today, but we have been celebrating all week! Each day we have been visited by a different class teacher and they have shared their favourite book with us, so thank you to Mrs Rivolta, Mr Durrant and Mr Gardner. We have really enjoyed hearing about Frankenstein's Cat, Dinosaur Pants and Marvelous Medicine made by George!
On Tuesday, Pinocchio came to Smarden - it was great to see all of the costumes and props that are used to turn a story into a performance and it gave us wonderful ideas for writing our own scripts.
Today we also enjoyed Learning Together with some of the parents from our class and are grateful for their help in finding the best route for Beast to get to Belle!

4.3.13 The film sets the children did for Creative Homework over the Christmas holidays will be coming home soon.  
They have been such an inspiration to us and a joy to have in the classroom that we wanted to share them with you.
I have put a photo of each one in the Gallery in the 'Superstars' album.

We finished off Term 3 with a great day of cross-curricula activities. We brought together all that we had been learning in different subjects throughout the term to produce and apply it to one project. We used our D&T skills to design and create a puppet of the creature we had described in the nonsense poems we wrote in Literacy. Using our knowledge of light and dark we performed our poem with these shadow puppets and our classmates filmed it for us. You can see some of the films and photos of this below!
We have really enjoyed combining our learning and skills across subjects and found that the music we had written really turned our dance moves into a performance when they were practised together. It was great to share our compositions with another pair in the class and to get to read and perform their music while they danced.  Check out our performances.

5.2.13 This term we will be using our creative curriculum topic of Film and Television to learn lots of new things. In literacy we will be learning all about how to write nonsense poetry, using Edward Lear’s poems as a starting point. We will be writing our own poems about a made up creature and retelling our poems using shadow puppets. After half term we will be learning about traditional tales from other cultures and countries.
In maths we will be building on prior knowledge, as well as learning new skills. We have been using our current number knowledge to explore different areas, including multiplication through pairs and grouping; addition and subtraction focusing on the 10s; place value through correct ordering. We have also had a great time expanding our understanding of mass by estimating, weighing and measurin, and extending our knowledge of money with investigative problems. Next term we will be reinforcing and extending other areas of our numeracy knowledge, including shape, time and data analysis.
Our science topic is Light this term and we will be continuing to investigate light sources in different ways including finding out which materials are best to make Teddy a pair of sunglasses. We will continue to learn about what makes an investigation or test ‘fair’ while learning about light sources and shadows. After half term we will be moving onto a new unit on Forces.
The class are getting very good now at using the Flip cameras to film their work whenever possible. This has included creating our own storyboards and filming the stories as well as the pictures. This week sees us creating shadow puppets to create a short clip performing our poems. In PE we are also recording our floor work in Gymnastics accompanied by percussion instruments. Keep your eyes peeled for these and new pictures of our classroom, and of learning in action as the term continues.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 

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Picture 1 A Book at Breakfast
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Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10 Learning Together
Picture 11 Bravely going where no breakfast has gone before!
Picture 12 and the winner is ... Egyptian Fava Beans & Pitta
Picture 13 La Bouillie - Chad
Picture 14 Fruit Compote - Madagascar
Picture 15 Fava Bean Breakfast - Egyptian
Picture 16 The Beasts!
Picture 17 The Belle's looking beautiful!
Picture 18 The Beauties and the Beasts
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Picture 28 The Superstar hive
Picture 29 Bee keeper tending his bees
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Picture 35 Fantasy Pet
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Picture 43 About our Fantasy Pet
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Picture 73 Pinocchio
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Bee Song

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dance and percussion

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dance and percussion

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Spot by Joshua

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Ruby's nonsense monster

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Bob by James

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Mr Toffee by Angus

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