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Year 1&2 - Seahorses

25.7.14  What a wonderful year!! 

Thank you parents for all your support and involvement. 
Thank you Seahorses - you have worked incredibly hard all year; bringing both enthusiasm and concentration to all our topics and subjects.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my NQT year – it has been an absolute pleasure to teach you and I will miss you very much!
Thank you for my gorgeous gifts and lovely messages in your cards.  I look forward to seeing you all again in our next Smarden & Pluckley collaborative event.

8.7.14 We have been very lucky to have 2 guest speakers today.  Firstly Alex Ferris from the Smarden Heritage Society came to talk to us about The History of Smarden and more specifically about what life in Smarden was like during WW1.  He showed us pictures and photos from the early 1900s, maps of the village and some of the coins they would have used.
Then we had a visit from the Dentist Nurse and her crocodile!!  She talked to us about good food for our teeth and the best way to brush.

4.7.14 ERUPTION DAY!!!  Most of the world's volcanoes are under the water and are still active.  This week we have been learning about volcanoes, building volcanoes and erupting volcanoes!!  I Please check out the videos we filmed of our volcanic eruptions!!

Picture 1
Picture 2

27.6.14 Thank you all for coming to our last Seahorses Assembly – it was great to see so many of you!
This week we have been learning about different types of Severe Weather and presenting our information as fact files. We have then been using our ICT skills to create an exciting and informative fact file in the form of a powerpoint page. 
I have put all our pages together and attached them in the documents section below.  I am very impressed with how hard some of the class have worked and how

 well everyone assisted and taught their partners.  It can be difficult to show someone what to do and not to just do it for them, and the Seahorses have tried very hard with that skill this afternoon.

27.6.14 Well Done to the Tennis Teams - we came 3rd!!!

25.6.14 Such talented and brave musicians!! 

Well done to everyone who performed at Fete de la Musique and thank you to everyone who came and supported!!!  I have attached photos of some of the super Seahorse Performers below!!  For those of you who missed it, there will be some encore performances at our assembly on Friday.

11.6.14  What an amazing day!!  We have just returned from a wonderful day at the beach in Hastings.  We started off b

y learning all about the important work of the Hasting's Lifeboat Station and visited the RNLI.  We wore lifejackets and helmets like the crew and learned about the different boats and rescues that happen at Hastings. 
Then we walked along the shingle beach to enjoy our delicious lunches while watching out for hungry seagulls and trying to spot France. 
Next we went to the Blue Reef Aquarium where we learned about the types of fish that live in British waters - some of the most popular were the lobsters, sharks, stingrays, octopus and of course the seahorses!!! 
We gathered lots of visual information to inspire the imagery in our aquatic poems. 
We even got to see some of the larger sharks and rays get fed, so learned about the food they eat and their different methods of camouflage.
Thank you to Jo Underdown, Dave Underdown, and Emma Povey for supporting us on our class trip.

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Picture 2
Picture 3

5.6.14  The Seahorses have been VERY busy over the May break and created the most wonderful 'Ocean in a Bottle' - have a look at the photos below to be inspired!!

1.6.14 Welcome back Seahorses!!!  I hope you've had a fun week off.  What wonderful weather we've had this weekend to get us excited about coming back!  I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow as we head under the waves with Marcus Pfister'sRainbow Fish!  This term we will be first exploring the types of creatures that spend their lives in our oceans, and getting up close to them on our aquarium visit next week.  Later in the term we will be looking at the landscape of the ocean floor and exploring the amazing types of weather, unique to our oceans.
For a sneaky peak at the term to come, have a look at the Medium Term Plan in the documents section.
See you tomorrow!

14.5.14 We are really enjoying our unit on Pirates this term.  We have designed, drawn and plotted treasure maps; written wonderful quest stories in their own books, and created food fit for a pirate!  
This week we have be focussing on the details of the pirates and their ships.  We have been working on improving our choice of adjectives and designing more complex sentences. 
I will be attaching some of the photos from today's D&T lesson as we really enjoyed designing, making and eating our own pirate sandwiches - those pirates had some weird flavour combinations but we thought they were delicious!!
I have attached a selection of writing from our May FFF (First Friday Fandango).  Attendance Ted and Punctuality Pup went snorkelling and we wrote adventure and quest stories about them.  (You can find it in the documents section, where the Homework is). 

6.5.14  Hope you all enjoyed the wonderful sunshine over the May Bank Holiday Weekend!!  How has the change in weather affected your garden and the  school playground?  What have you noticed about when it gets light in the morning and dark in the evening? 
Have you thought about how you will decorate your jar for the May Fair?
Do you think pirates sailing the seas would be pleased to feel the warmer weather of May?

22.4.14 What a super treat - FOSP organised a wonderful hunt in the school grounds with clues written in code!!  Thank you so much FOSP for all your hard work and enthusiasm, and for the yummy chocolate eggs we were rewarded with!!

15.4.14  I have attached some photos of the classroom's new displays to give you a sneaky peek at next term's topic.  I can't wait to add all your wonderful 3D Ocean creations!!! (I hope your creative homework is coming along well - details of this can be found in the Class Newsletter 3.4.14, attached below).  

13.4.14  Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful sunny weather and are having a great Easter Holidays.  Over the next few days, I will be attaching the Summer Term Creative Curriculum Map and Term 5's Medium Term plan which will give you an overview of what we will be learning in each subject.
Just to let you know that the photos and info from last term has not disappeared, I have just moved it to a sub-page, you can find the link between our photos and documents.
Wishing you a very Happy Easter Weekend!!!
Enjoy your Monday off and I'll see you Tuesday 22nd April - with the FOSP Easter Egg Hunt in the afternoon!

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Explosion Eruption

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Red Bull Eruption

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Great Pacific Eruption

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Eruption Eruption

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Yellow Explosion Eruption

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The Bomber Eruption

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10 Coral Reef

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Egyptian composition 6

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Egyptian composition 5

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Egyptian composition 4

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Egyptian composition 3

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Egyptian composition 2

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Egyptian Composition 1

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