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Year 1/2 - Owls

Mrs Horton, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Saunders
would like to welcome you to the Owls Class.

We are very excited to be part of the year 1/2 team and are owlready going owl crazy.  This year, we are going to be OWLSTANDING!!!  Ok ok enough of the jokes 

Until half term, our school wide creative topic is patterns and we are exploring them in every subject, from maths where we will be looking at patterns in numbers or shapes, to patterns in music.  Also in numeracy this term, number bonds will be practised to ensure that they come to mind easily. 

In Literacy, we will be starting with the stories “Not Now Bernard” and “Oscar got the blame”, both of which will help us develop our punctuation use.

We are investigating Seasons and Weather Patterns as part of our Science topic and this also goes hand in hand with Geography, as we will look at different climates in different places.  We also have many practical investigations planned to ensure the children develop their curiosities in their environment.

Mrs Nesbitt will join our class on a Thursday to take the class in the morning for PE.  We will start with an outdoor type of activity and move on to either dance or gymnastics after break.  Depending on the activity in the morning, we may alter the second PE session to something more calming like orienteering or yoga, but will see how the children fare!

We have already been thinking about classroom behaviours and choosing which will best help us to explore, learn and achieve together and I am sure we will continue to do this in order to maximise our learning together.  I strongly believe that we should be one class family and will encourage teamwork, sharing and playing nicely as much as possible!

I sincerely hope you will all feel part of our class family and if you have any queries or questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to ask any one of us, or if it’s easier, you could send an email.

June 2016

Term 6


I hope that you all enjoyed your half term!


This last term will be spent really solidifying some of the knowledge we have learnt across the year and we will spend a lot of time, particularly in maths, truly mastering some common concepts.  We will start with place value and making sure that we all truly understand the value in each digit.


Our overarching topic this term is the Olympics and we will use this not only to find out about countries (our focus country will be Brazil) and where they are in the world, but we will also learn facts about various games within the Olympics.  This term we also have sports day at the Julie Rose Stadium, so we can practise at being mini-Olympians. For the rest of the term in P.E. we will play some summer sports, in particular rounders.

In Science we will be studying plants, but as we started this topic last term, we will also continue to look at Materials from last term. 


Our history topic is toys and comparing toys in living memory to ones we have today, so we will look at the materials they were/are made from etc.


We will start the term by celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday and will use the opportunity to learn a little more about the commonwealth and her role.


We will be carrying out a number of experiments this term, not only in Science, but also to help our maths – we need to enhance our measuring skills, not only in length, but in mass and capacity and I have a number of fun opportunities for us to practise this.  However, if there are any occasions at home that may help your child read scales, please do use them J


For R.E we will continue to study Judaism and we will look at the symbols and celebrations that are important to Jews.


Last term’s plans rapidly changed with the enthusiasm brought to class by the ‘adopt an animal’ project and I was very impressed by the tenacity and support of each and every owl in the class, not only was their baking tasty, but they raised more money than anticipated!  They started some brilliant stories at the end of the term and we will endeavour to complete these, as some were truly magnificent.  I am very hopeful that we will be able to go and visit our newly adopted pair of snow leopards, because I know that the children would very much like to see them for theirselves.  I was impressed at how well they listened when Tanith Brown from the Big Cat Sanctuary took assembly, you could hear a pin drop!



April 2016

Term 5


I hope that you all had a very happy Easter and enjoyed the time together.


We will be diving straight into Term 5 by continuing with our Space cross curricular theme and I will endeavour to use it as much as possible as our class are so keen to learn about it! We didn’t have time to research Neil Armstrong last term and learn how important he became in the space race, so this is definitely something we will be doing this term. 


We will be carrying out a number of experiments this term, not only in Science, but also to help our maths – we need to enhance our measuring skills, not only in length, but in mass and capacity and I have a number of fun opportunities for us to practise this.  If there are any occasions at home that may help your child read scales, please do use them J


For P.E. this term, we will be working with the rest of the school on a mini astronaut program, this is bound to be a giant leap for our little owlets and I am sure they will all enjoy it!


R.E this term moves to Judaism and we will start by looking at the story of David and Goliath, which we will attempt to write up as a newspaper report.


There are so many things to learn, I think we’d better get started - welcome to a new term!!



January 2016

Term 3


Hello and welcome back to a new term and a new year!


This term we are focusing on people and we will be researching a few different famous people, from scientists to artists and spacemen.


In Literacy, we will start by exploring feelings in fictional stories and poems moving on to instructions.


In Maths we will consolidate our addition and subtraction skills, moving on to basic multiplication.  We will also take the opportunity to explore position and direction, as this also lends itself to using ICT and playing with the Beebots!


In Science we are looking at Animals including Humans and apart from looking at the basic anatomy and the groupings of certain animals, e.g. farm, pet etc, but we will also explore our 5 senses in detail.


We have been kindly offered Spanish lessons this term, which is ideal, because this will give me the opportunity to learn something new too.  We have a new ‘maestro’ to help us and we will start next Wednesday 13th.


The year 2’s will start Tennis coaching this term starting Friday 8th and Year 1’s will practise their ball skills with me, we will also have a combined multi-skill P.E lesson to compliment these.


R.E. this term will continue it’s Christianity theme and will explore Jesus, who he was and where he came from.


Term 2

November 2015 - December 2015


Welcome back to term 2!  I hope you enjoyed your break, whatever you did!


This term will be very busy for us because not only do we have our class assembly in week 2, but we will also be taking the lead roles in our schools nativity play.


Alongside this we will be studying a variety of books in Literacy, starting with Sam's Sandwich and moving on to more Wintry stories to allow us to look at hibernation in animals and what the purpose is. 


Our main focus in science this term is investigating colour but we will also explore why colour is important in the natural kingdom too.  


In maths we will look at cementing number order and looking at number patterns to allow us to count in 2s and 10s more easily.  We will also do more work with addition and subtraction.

We will keep our P.E day on a Thursday and will have “show and tell on Thursday’s too (only Thursday!). We would be grateful if your child could just bring in one interesting item for this.


We have a lot to do this term, so without further delay, let's get started......


W/B 16/11/15


Owls class started work on their new dance, which involves the book, Penguin Small.  The class are having to dance like penguins and polar bears.  


 W/B  23/11/15


Owls Class welcomed Lilly into the class.


In Literacy we looked at the story One Snowy Night - Percy the Park Keeper looks after lots of animals during the snow storm and we used fantastic writing skills, not only to re-tell the story, but to re-write it.


In Geography and Science, Owls Class had a busy week. They started to look at hot and cold countries and how animals survive there.  

They learnt about camouflage and how it can stop you being eaten – Owls Class hunted for caterpillars (which they made!) and found that the brighter colours were the ones they found first and that they all had to look as a team to find the colours that blended with the backgrounds e.g. green on leaves.






Example of fantastic writing

Example of fantastic writing 1

Certificates of the Week


Each week children are presented with a certificate, which celebrates their achievements, throughout the week, in Learning, Reflect Values & Sport.