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28.3.14 Lovely to see so many of you at our class assembly. The Seahorses are very proud of their learning and it means a lot to them, to get to share this with you. 
I enjoyed seeing you all at parents evening and having the chance to share their learning journey and progress with you.


14.3.14 Friday Afternoon: The majority of Seahorses competed in the Primary School Cross Country in Ashford. I am very proud of all of them for their determination and resilience as everyone completed the course! Please celebrate with me the success of all of them but especially as we won 1st place for the Year 2s, and 3rd place for the Year 1s - GREAT JOB!!!
Those of us who stayed at school in the afternoon, teamed up with the Dolphins to try to experience what it might have been like for the early Antarctic Explorers. We worked within teams to pull our sledges up mountains and over crevasses. It was a great team building and problem solving exercise and helped the children to better grasp some of the difficulties.


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14.3.14 Maths Week DAY 5: What a great end to Maths Week. We sold all of our Antarctic Energy Bars yesterday and so today we identified the value of each coin and using multiplication and repeat addition we calculated the totals. Then by splitting the total for each coin into hundreds, tens and units, we used column method to find the complete total.
To close our Maths Week we learned about Probability. Using coin toss, we explored the concept of chance and the likelihood of getting 3 heads out of 3 coin tosses.



13.3.14 Maths Week DAY 4: The Antarctic Energy Bars looked great!! Today we decided how much to charge for each bar and calculated how much money we would get if different numbers were sold. This project has given us the chance to look at how writing and numeracy are linked. We wrote advertising slogans and persuasive paragraphs to help sell our Energy Bars.
In Science we planned an experiment to find out which combination of materials would work best at insulating. If we took our Energy Bars to the South Pole we wouldn't want them to freeze and so are looking at the different properties of materials.
Our Energy Bars were a super success this afternoon and we sold them all! Tomorrow we will be identifying the value of each coin and calculating how much we made, then choosing maths resources to buy to support our learning.


12.3.14 Maths Week DAY 3: Today has been great, as the Seahorses have been using maths in practical real life situations. It is very important for them to realise that they can use their maths skills outside the classroom.



Yesterday we calculated how much of each ingredient we would need for everyone to make Antarctic Energy Bars. So this morning we looked at the quantity each product was sold in at the shops, to calculate how many packets we would need to buy, and how much money we would need. Unfortunately the Berry Bank only had £1 coins, so we also had to work out how many £1s each group needed and how much change they should expect after their purchase.

In the afternoon, with the help of Mrs Cartlidge, Mrs Edmed, Claire Tickle and Mrs Barnes, we went to the Butchers and Post Office to buy our ingredients. Each group went into the shop to find their product, pay for it, work out how much change they would receive and then check their coins to be sure they were correct. We then returned and with Mrs Evans made Antarctic Energy Bars.
Each group had to follow the instructions in the recipe. Using careful and accurate measuring skills they weighed out the ingredients they had bought and worked as a team to make the mixture.
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11.3.14 Maths Week DAY 2: My group collected yesterday's data together and presented it in a table, looking carefully at everyone's data and listing them by greatest number of steps first. The number of footsteps ranged from 1600 to 200, and so we discussed if this was down to accuracy of recording or size of feet! 
Mrs Wilson's group worked hard to add the measurements for each room together. They discussed the difficulty of measuring the size of a room accurately and whether both width and length were needed.

In preparation for tomorrow we calculated how much of each ingredient we would need to buy, for all groups to make Antarctic Energy Bars. We used a variety of methods to find these quantities, including splitting hundreds, tens and units (partitioning), repeated addition, and 5 times table knowledge.
10.3.14 Maths Week DAY 1: We were set the problem "How big is your school?" Using the TASC wheel we discussed the different types of maths knowledge we might need to help us and the different ways we could find an answer. We decided to split into 2 groups, with half the class measuring the perimeter of the school in footsteps and the other half using metre rulers to measure the inside of the classrooms and add them together.
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6.3.14 What a wonderful World Book Day!! It was lovely to meet so many of your favourite characters and stories. I have added some class photos below and there are more to see in the Gallery. Can you guess which book character we are?

4.3.14 Pancake Day Maths!! What fraction are we showing you?
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25.2.14 Welcome Back!! You sound like you have all had a wonderful half term. I'm looking forward to heading down to Antarctica and racing across the ice to the South Pole!!

5.2.14 WOW Welcome to Australia! Thank you so much to Karina Parkman for coming in and introducing our new topic. The children loved to have a special guest and to hear all about life in Australia. It has really inspired them to learn more about the animals, places and people. In literacy we have been learning about Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. In art we created and then painted our own story using the unique code of painted symbols.

1.2.14 Xin nian kuaile!!! Happy Chinese New Year everyone - enjoy the Year of the Horse!
I'm sorry we were all so sad as we left school yesterday. Tia has moved on to a new school and we were saying our Goodbyes. We will miss her very much but wish her lots of happiness at her new school.
Thank you all for coming to our assembly yesterday, we hope you enjoyed it! I am adding all the musical compositions we filmed, so you can see those we did not show and rewatch your favourites.




26.1.14 Hope you all had a super Burns Night and wishing you all a Happy Australia Day!!!

22.1.14 What an amazing day - the Ancient Egyptians came to Smarden! We started the day with Vicki from the Maidstone Museum explaining all about mummification and the different artefacts that are put in the tombs. We even got the chance to examine some and to try to identify which were replicas and which were real ancient artefacts, over 3,000 years old!
Then we met Ros and she taught us how to make replica Canopic Jars. We shaped the clay into different animal heads and even carved some hieroglyphics on the fronts.
After break we examined even more Egyptian artefacts and worked together to suggest where in the pyramid each artefact might be found, what is was made from, what it was and what story it told.
Finally we learned more about the work of archaeologists by having a go ourselves! The Canterbury Archaeology Trust lent us pieces they had found at different digs from around Kent and we hypothesised what they might have looked like when whole.
This has been a wonderful start to our Egyptian Topic and given us both inspiration and knowledge for our adventure stories set in the pyramids!

4.1.14 Welcome back Seahorses!!!
I hope you have had a wonderful winter break and are as excited about 2014 as I am! 
We will be learning all about the deserts of the world. 
Through literacy we will be learning to use our senses to write poems about the Sahara Desert. 
In Geography we will be learning about the location of deserts around the world. Then starting with the desert, we will be learning about the places, people and animals in Australia.
In our Art this term we will be learning different drawing and painting techniques, taking our inspiration from desert animals, Ancient Egypt and Aboriginal art.
We will be learning all our subject skills through exploring the animals, people and life in different deserts.
Can't wait to see you all on Monday!!