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Seahorses Term 1 & 2

Seahorses Term 1 & 2

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18.12.13 I set the Seahorses the numeracy problem of using their shapes knowledge to make a stain-glass window.  We worked together on the TASK Wheel to come up with different ideas of how this could be done.  The wonderful results are below!!

 17.12.13 Well Done Everyone!!!  I am so proud of all of you, you were amazing in the Nativity.  You all worked very hard to learn your words and to learn the songs.  You sang beautifully and looked super!  You'll find lots of pictures in the Gallery.

13.12.13  Merry Christmas Everyone!!  
We really enjoyed dressing in our festive clothes today and had a delicious Christmas Dinner.  Thank you to all the mummies who helped!!

4.12.1 3 Class trip to Dering Woods.  We spent a wonderful morning in Dering Woods - investigating the layers of an English forest and the creatures and plants that live there.  Working in groups we found and identified minibeasts; made bark rubbings to help us identify the trees around us; looked at animal prints to find out what larger animals spent time there; and took photographs to document our discoveries while keeping nature intact.  Photos to follow.
Thank you so much to our wonderful parent helpers - it was a great pleasure and support to have you with us, we always enjoy sharing our learning experiences!

18.11.13 Week 3 is Anti-bullying Week.  We will be involved in a variety of themed activities and discussions over the week.  The School Council will be leading Friday's assembly.  They would like to buy more play equipment for break and lunch times and involve the older children in leading group games at these times.  To raise funds for this, they are holding a Bake Sale on Friday and encouraging everyone to bring in £1 to Wear Blue Clothes!! 
Our class assembly has been postponed to Friday 29th November.

15.11.13 Children in Need - we have had a great day learning about some of the charities that the money raised will support, and some the children that benefit from them!  Thank you everyone for your donation and for so proudly dressing in spots!!

8.11.13  We would like to welcome Isabel (Izzy) to the Seahorses!!!  We have had a great week, 
learning to describe settings and characters in literacy and to apply our number bond knowledge 
to higher numbers in maths.  The photos below show some of the great investigating we did in the school wooded area.  Next week in Science we will be identifying our finds!!

27.10.13  What a super end to Term 1!!!  Everyone has worked so incredibly hard and their enthusiasm has been wonderful!  Friday was super, to have a room FULL of pink and red Seahorses - great to have everyone involved in raising money for such a good cause!!  We also got a head start on our Science and Geography learning for next term, by choosing and planting the perfect acorn!!!  I've just been looking over the photos from class activities this term, and wanted to share some with you - check out our new albumn in the Gallery: Seahorses - Term 1.

21.10.13  WOW!!  We have had the most amazing Rainforest Experience this afternoon!!!  We learned about the creatures that live on the forest floor and the predators that hunt them!  Then we moved up into the canopy and continued our learning up in the treetops!  I was proud but unsurprised about how brave the Seahorses were in their interactions with the creatures.  They should also all be commended for their attention and focus during the experience and for the care they showed all of the animals!!  Photos below Thank You Andrew Smith!

18.10.13 Lovely to see you all at our Assembly this morning!!!  I have attached some photos of the assembly and some from our disguises afternoon.  I will try to include some photos of the music groups as everyone worked very hard on their musical compositions!

10.10.13  Lovely to see so many of you at today's Harvest Festival - we really enjoyed celebrating with you!!  
The Seahorses are very talented artists, as this week's batik work proved.  Last week we created our designs with a central animal and a decorative border.  This week we drew our images onto fabric and painted on the wax.  Next week we are going to dye them!  I've got some sneaky photos of the work so far to share with you!

6.10.13 First Friday Fandango.  On the first Friday of every month the whole school does an independent write.  We alternate between a class led write, which means it follows the theme we have been working on in class; and a surprise theme delivered by Mrs Todd or Mrs Askey-Brown.  On Friday Mrs Askey-Brown came to our class with the start of an adventure story set in a rainforest. 
I have just finished reading our stories and wanted to share my pride in the class and congratulate the Seahorses on great writing and super stories!!
Well done everyone!!  That's 2 cubes in the jar!

26.9.13  We have had a super European Languages Day!!!  Thank you so much to Ava's mummy for her traditional Swedish Kaldolmar recipe, which we made before break; and to Aurora's mummy for her wonderful Italian food and language insight, which we thoroughly enjoyed after break!  We even started the day in Welsh (thank you to Ned's mummy).  I have taken some photos of us in action and I'll post them asap.  Looking forward to more languages in your homework, and remember we answer our afternoon register in accents!!!

25.9.13  We did some amazing weaving today, extending and applying the skills we have learned so far with paper.  Last week we designed a 3D weave inspired by the Rainforest.  This week, four designs were chosen and we worked in teams, using chicken wire as a frame and lots of different fabric strips.  We worked very hard to find the right strips to recreate our designs.  Check out how well we did!!!  (photos below) 

20.9.13  Thank you all for coming to our class assembly!!  We are really proud of all the learning we have been doing and were very excited to share it with you. 

16.9.13  It was lovely to see some of you at Meet the Teacher on Thursday and I know the children were very excited about showing you around their room!  For those of you who were unable to make it, I've added some photos to show you our Seahorse Class at work!

11.9.13  We have been very busy this week learning about Traditional tales from other countries and comparing them to English tales.  There were lots of great conversations written today between Anansi the spider and the animals who's lunch he tried to eat!!  We've been getting creative with weaving, some of which you'll see tomorrow if you come to visit the classroom afterschool!
I've attached Checkers with the homework this week.  The Year 1s have number bonds to ten which we will be looking at with them tomorrow.  It may be slow going to start with, and they will need your help to work out the pairs.  As their confidence and understanding grows, their speed at solving the questions will too.  The Year 2s have a variety a checkers sheets and although they may need help initially, their speed and knowledge will also increase.

You are all welcome tomorrow (Thursday 12th) afterschool, for the children to show you around their new class!

4.9.13 What a great start to the year!  We have been having a lovely two days, with lots of sunshine and smiles.  Just a quick note to let you know that homework has gone home today and I've attached the letter here as well - you will also have a maths sheet and a spellings list which are not attached.  If any of this gets mislaid, I'm happy to replace it, just let me know.  Please don't feel daunted by the homework Year 1s!!!  Ease yourselves into it and show your parents what you have been learning about!

Ms Berry and Mrs Wilson would like to welcome you to Seahorse Class!

We are very excited to welcome the Year 1s and Year 2s to our class.


Our School wide creative topic is Rainforests and we will be exploring this through Science, History and Literacy.

For the next few weeks in Literacy we will be looking at Traditional Tales.  This week we will be looking at Tales we know, to understand the characteristics of these types of stories.

Over the following weeks we will be looking at Traditional Tales from Sri Lanka and the Amazon, leading on to writing our own moral tale.

In Numeracy this week, we will be looking at 2 digit numbers.  We will be refreshing our current number knowledge and extending it through identifying numbers larger and small; putting the numbers in order; and making jumps of 10.

Later in the term, through History, we will be looking at adventurers who discovered and explored rainforests around the world.

Over the course of the week we will be thinking about classroom behaviours and choosing which will best help us to explore, learn and achieve together.

We will be having French and PE every Tuesday afternoon, so please remember your PE kit on your first day back!

I encourage teamwork and hope you will all feel a part of our class.  If you or your child have queries or questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to ask.


I am really looking forward to being a Seahorse this year!!

Ms Berry