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Reception class - Camera Crew

2nd July

Can you believe another month has gone by and what busy bees we have been. Our topic The Seaside is going really well and we are enjoying exploring all the different elements. We have an ice cream parlour, a beach hut, have made sandwiches for a picnic and created our own boats and seaside pictures. 
We have learnt about lighthouses through the story The Light House Keeper's Lunch and we have been writing postcards and reports linked to The Snail And The Whale. In Numeracy we have been focusing on money. Buying ice cream in the class shop and fish and chips from the beach  hut is fun.


We have also been learning our tennis skills.


6th June 
At last we are enjoying some sunshine!
This term we are going to really embrace the summer as our topic is The Seaside. 
We will be thinking carefully about many different aspects such as how we might travel to the beach, what will we expect when we get there, how will the location be different or the same to other locations and what will be the most enjoyable thing?
We all enjoy a little trip to the sea be it near or far. 
Our play shed will become the beach hut and we are going to create an ice-cream parlour.

3rd May
This week's exciting news is that we have new class members. They have settled in rather well and are enjoying the children studying them - THE TADPOLES and now CATERPILLARS! The children have really enjoyed looking for different insects and talking about their characteristics. They can name different mini-beasts, sort them, use insects for solving mathematical problems, create pictograms and bar charts, too. Everyone enjoyed creating a superbug, painting it and writing an adventure for it. Some very interesting ideas...

22nd April. Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the Easter holidays and have returned all refreshed.
Yippee! The sun is shining, great because this term we hope to take our learning outside and explore the world of insects. As the sun is out we have started looking. So far we have found spiders, worms, ants and beetles. The children have made an extensive list of 21 insects and it continues to grow!
The following questions were created by the children to find out more:
Where do mini-beasts live?
Where do we need to look? 
Why do some mini-beasts have wings?
Why are some slimy?
How many legs have they got?
Do they have eyes?
What do they eat?
We hope to answer these and many more over the next few weeks. We will let you know.

Happy Easter Everyone, enjoy the sunshine! 

28th March - This week we have been learning through the story of The Little Red Hen. 
She wanted some help to make some bread but the other animals on the farm would not help her. 
We wrote a letter from one of the animals to the Little Red Hen to say sorry for not helping. We also made some yummy bread roles,
it was fun.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
18th March - For Red Nose Day we had to see how many items of clothing we could put on in one minute. The most was eleven and we did look funny! Some of our pictures are below.

15th March 2013 - Hello again! For the rest of the term our topic of Film and Television continues along side Plants and Growing.
Over the next two weeks we will be preparing our vegetable patch, hoping the weather finally changes. We will plant many different seeds including beans, swede, courgettes and broccoli. We planted tulip bulbs in the Autumn and they are now doing rather well. We will be naming the parts of a plant and thinking about the things plants need for them to thrive.

Last week we listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. That daft giant accidentally dropped his very large boot in our playground nearly hitting Miss Menzies on the head! To say sorry, on Friday, he dropped a bag of gold coins for Red Nose Day (they also just missed poor Miss Menzies) with a note explaining and apologising. We decided he must be a friendly giant after all.

8th March 2013 - In Literacy we have been learning all about story structures: the beginning, the middle and the end. We have focused on three films, Toy Story, Pinocchio and The Lion King. In each of the stories we have sequenced events in the story, discussed the different characters and described them by thinking about their behaviour and appearance. Woody is really friendly and Buzz is silly, Scar is a bully and jealous and young Simba is scared and worried. We can now use lots of interesting descriptive words in our work.

With Pinocchio we discussed why he lied and why this was wrong. We then talked about the importance of being truthful and honest. When we thought about The Lion King we decided who were the goodies and baddies.

In Expressive Arts and Design we have used a range of materials and techniques to illustrate and make different characters. Salt dough was used to make bears, junk modelling materials to create robots, collage to produce stunning masks, crayons, paints and pencils to illustrate favourite characters. We also really enjoyed making and using our sock puppets to retell the stories.

The Lion King story prompted us to ask questions about Africa and our learning took a new direction. We have been finding out many different facts about Africa, the animals that live there, the way people dress and the things people eat. We have compared the landscape here in Engalnd to that in Africa and the very different weather experienced.

By listening carefully to the music in films we began to think about its purpose and impact. We thought about how the music made us feel and moved in different ways to the music in our PE sessions.

Wow! We have been busy and we haven’t even started to tell you about our mathematics work. We have been working so hard and now we are very good at recognising our numbers, putting them in order and adding and subtracting. We will tell you more about this next time.

Take a look at the pictures below to see more of what we have been doing.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 
Picture 1 Digging for worms in the mud pit.
Picture 2 Look at the big cauldron.
Picture 3 On the Harry Potter bridge
Picture 4 Are we happy?
Picture 5 African Dress
Picture 6
Picture 7 World Book Day
Picture 8 Don't we look funny!
Picture 9 Don't we look funny!
Picture 10 Don't we look funny!
Picture 11 Don't we look funny!