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Foundation - Dolphins

Welcome to Dolphin's Class, we are the Foundation class. The teachers in Dolphin Class are Mrs Evans and Mrs Rivolta, and we are also lucky to have Miss Grey as a student this year, and Mrs Saunders as our Teaching Assistant.

21.7.14- Our last few days of the summer term, and what a busy term it has been. Thank you to all the parents that were able to join in last week with the many activities and meetings that were going on. It is with great sadness that this week we will be saying farewell to Miss Grey, she has been a real asset to the class and the children have loved having her teach them alongside us. Thank you also to our parent helpers that volunteer and come into school to  listen to readers and help out on our school trips. Today we will be creating objects and writing to put into a time capsule that will be buried during the school build, for future generations to find out about 2014. Don't forget Tuesday is our Leavers service, everyone is welcome to come along.

14.7.14- It was great to see so many of you after school today at our open afternoon. We hope that you enjoyed looking through your child's books and seeing all their work on display. We are very proud of all our little dolphins and how hard they have worked this year, I think you will agree it is amazing to see how much progress they have made since when they first joined the school back in September. It's a busy week this week....... don't forget on Tuesday the builders are in to discuss the plans for the new school, Wednesday afternoon is our awards ceremony, Thursday is class swap morning and meet the teacher after school and Friday is Sports Day at Pluckley. We hope to see you at some of these events 

8.7.14- Today we had a visit from the dental nurse and her special friend Croccy the crocodile. We learnt how to clean our teeth the 'Sparkly' way, in a circular movement. We also learnt how important it is to eat a healthy diet, and also to visit the dentist twice a year.We also learnt the 'Happy Smile' song, I am sure the children will be able to sing it to you tonight.... (It goes to the tune 'If you are happy and you know it'). Keep smiling and brushing your teeth

7.7.14- A big thank you to all of you that came to our class assembly on Friday, it was lovely to see so many of you there. I think you will agree with me in saying a big well done to all of our little Dolphins as they did such a great job in trying to use their big loud voices..... it isn't easy standing up and speaking in front of such a big audience! This Friday you will be receiving your child's first ever school report, to see how well they have been progressing this year against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. Please do come and see us if you want to discuss it in any more detail or if there is anything that you do not understand.

30.6.14- STOP PRESS!!!!! This friday 4th July is our class assembly, come along at 9.05am to find out what we have been learning, We are really looking forward to sharing it with you. This week in literacy we are learning about 'Pirate Poems', we will be listening to poems and creating our own- some that rhyme and some that are just funny!! We are revisiting 3D shape this week in maths, and describing their properties and using mathematical language to speak about them.

23.6.14- Thank you to all of you that came along to Friday's Music festival, it was lovely to see so many of you there. This week continues our learning about pirates. We will start the week off with looking at the story ' Pirates love underpants' by Claire Freedman. In numeracy we will be adding and subtracting single digits from larger numbers and recording these as number sentences. At home keep practising writing those numbers as we are still writing some of them back to front- practise makes perfect. We hope you have had a lovely day in the sunshine today during our INSET day.

16.6.14- This week sees the start of our pirate theme!!! In literacy we will be learning about writing lists for pirates of the objects that they need e.g eye patch, hook, treasure box, ship..... these are a few of our ideas. We will also be describing what pirates look like and thinking about whether we would like to be a pirate for a day. In art we are creating treasure maps, junk modelling ships and making our own pirate eye patches, beards and hats. In numeracy we are revisiting shape and measure- Thinking about the 3D shape names and describing them using the words :- corners, sides and faces. Later this week we will be also revisiting positional language using the words such as next to, behind, in front, on top, underneath.
DON'T FORGET THIS FRIDAY FROM 1.30 will be our Fete de la musique
(International Music festival ) where the children and visitors will be singing, playing instruments and generally having a fantastic time. Fosp will be selling refreshments, so come along and join in, or simply sit back and enjoy the music.

11/6/14- Hastings trip..... Wow what a wonderful day we have had, the sun has shone and we have had an amazing day in Hastings. We have been to see the lifeboat and played 'I spy' on what we could see on the lifeboat. We then moved onto the beach where we sketched the beach, fishing boats and the seagulls and had lunch, we even did a challenge of who could make the biggest pebble pile. After lunch we visited the aquarium and saw sting rays, sharks, seahorses, lobsters and lots lots more..... everyone loved walking through the ocean tunnel!!!! Take a look at the photos below to see what we got up to!!!  Some of us even stroked a snake in the reptile room. Well done to all of you brilliant Dolphins, you have been beautifully behaved and a real credit to the school.

9/6/14-  This week we are getting ready to go on our first school trip to Hastings Aquarium. Last week we learnt all about what lives in aquariums and we all know some interesting facts about the creatures that live in Hastings aquarium. Did you know a dolphin sleeps with one eye open! Today we have made an itinerary for our trip and put images in order alongside sentences. We looked on a map to see if we could spot Smarden and Hastings and looked at the different routes we could take to get there. After our trip we have lots of exciting things planned for our learning.

2/6/14- This week we are learning all about aquariums so we are ready for our school trip to Hastings aquarium. Today we have been learning about what lives in an aquarium. We discussed our own experiences of aquariums. Some of us had been to Brighton, Hastings, and London aquariums before so shared their experiences with the others. In numeracy we have revisited subtraction but concentrating on our number bonds to 10. If 6+4=10 that means 10-4=6. We have also been looking at how to stay safe at the seaside and have created a class list of dangers to look out for!

19.5.14- This week we are moving onto learning through the book and film 'Finding nemo', Today we began our learning through creating wanted posters for Nemo when he got lost. In numeracy we are learning about symmetry and have created our own butterflies that have symmetrical wings and patterns, creating patterns on the peg boards and also looking at where a line of symmetry is on a shape.
Don't forget this week is our Class assembly on Friday, so please come along to find out what else we have been learning....We look forward to seeing you.

12.5.14- This week we are learning rhyme through the Julia Donaldson book 'The snail and the whale', Today we have listened to the story and identified which words rhyme. We have also thought of our own words that rhyme, if you would like to continue your learning at home why not create a rhyming list of words by starting with the word cat, and then changing one of the letters each time, but make sure it rhymes each time e.g cat, hat, hot, got...... In numeracy we are learning about doubling and halving numbers , we have been finding a number and then saying what double that number is by counting the 2 groups, counting our fingers and also counting on along a numberline. Last week we created our own pieces of writing for our 'Friday fandango', a few of these can be seen below. Don't forget this Friday is non-uniform day and to bring in a decorated jar in return for wearing your own clothes.

6.5.14- Welcome back after the lovely sunny bank holiday weekend. This week we will be using the story 'The lighthouse keepers lunch' as our inspiration. Our learning will involve writing lists of food that we would like to include in our packed lunches, writing instructions for making sandwiches, aswell as creating a plan for keeping the pesky seagulls away from our picnic lunch as it goes down the wire to the lighthouse. In Numeracy we will be revisiting 'money' and finding different ways to make a given total using coins of different values e.g. How can we buy an ice cream for 12p, using 5p's, 2p's and 1p's. We will be using real money and paying for items, and even working out what change we will get. We will also be finding out about lighthouses through non fiction texts and the internet, aswell as learning to sing some sea shanties, and creating our own design for painting a lighthouse.

28.4.14- This week we are basing our learning around the story of 'Sharing a shell', the story is based around a rock pool. Today the children talked about their experiences of rock pooling and we thought about what creatures we might find in a rock pool, these included crabs, star fish, lump suckers, goby rock fish and pipe fish worms!!! As the week goes on, we we learn more about story structures and will create our own stories based on our own rock pool characters. In numeracy we are learning about data handling, and thinking about how we can sort objects by different criteria. Today we sorted shells by their size, their colours, their patterns and also whether they were smooth or spiky.

22.4.14- Welcome back to term 5 and our new topic of 'Oceans'. Over the holidays we have transformed the classroom from the hot dry deserts to the cool blue oceans and our role play area is now a ship, so hop aboard and join our learning journey! 
During this week we will be using the story 'The train ride' to take a journey to the seaside and will be learning about the creatures that live in the rock pools and at the beach. In numeracy we will be learning about time, and using clocks and stop watches to understand different lengths of time, aswell as reading o'clock and half past on clocks. At home why not see if you can find out what time you get up, have breakfast, leave the house and do various other activities, you could write these down on clock faces as analogue or digital like clock radios. Mrs Evans, Mrs Rivolta, Miss Grey and Mrs Saunders are really looking forward to seeing you all back at school this week to hear about what you have been up to over the holidays.

4.4.14- We hope you have a great Easter Holidays, and that you come back refreshed and ready for some new adventures when the school reopens on Tuesday 22nd April. Our new topic next term will be 'Oceans' and we have lots of exciting activities planned aswell as a trip to the Aquarium in Hastings...... more details to follow soon.
21.3.14 We have had a busy week again enjoying finding out more about penguins through different stories. In our Maths we have been concentrating on subtraction, learning all the different words associated with such mathematics problems. The children really enjoyed the challenge set on Friday for Sport Relief and the most jumps achieved in 1 minute was 120. Wow what a fast jumper. We hope to have raised lots of money for this worthy cause.
10.3.14- This week it is 'Maths week' and we have lots of exciting learning organised for the week. Some of the activities include walking to the shop to look for numbers, and then to use what we have learnt about money to pay for some items and work out how much change we will get. We will also be using our own ideas to find out ' How big our school is'...... How could we measure it??? The whole school are also doing a problem solve about coins, working out all the possibilities of how the coins could land.  Today I have been really impressed by the children's work on doubling numbers- we used our special mirror hands to double numbers up to 5, and then with a partner up to double 10. During literacy this week we are looking at the book 'Penguin Small' and will be looking at the use of speech within the text, we will be learning about speech marks and speech bubbles and thinking about what the characters might say to each other.

3.3.14- This week sees the start of World Book Week..... Today kick started with all the teachers bringing in their favourite book and sharing these with the next class up, as the week goes on all the teachers will have read with all the classes. I wonder if you can remember which book was which teacher's favourite? In literacy this week we are using the 'Happy feet' film to think about the characters feelings and also to write in the form of a letter to a zoo. In numeracy we are learning how to share a given amount of objects between 2 people equally. We have also learnt that this is known as halving and also dividing. We are also in the process of changing our role play area into an igloo to continue with our 'cold deserts' topic, come in and have a look at the children's wonderful penguin paintings. Don't forget this Thursday come into school early, from 8.15, to celebrate 'World book day' by enjoying breakfast with a book, aswell as coming dressed up as your favourite book character.

24.2.14- Welcome back to school after the February half term break..... I can't believe we are nearly March already! We hope that you have had a good half term and are raring to go with our new learning on 'cold deserts' this term. In literacy we will be researching where the cold deserts are in the world and what lives and grows there. In numeracy this week we will be learning about money, the children will have the opportunity to buy objects from our toy shop and find the correct coins to pay for them. We will also be adding 2 amounts together to find the total. This term we also have World book day on Thurs 6th March, and Parent's consultations at the end of March.
Here at Smarden Primary School we offer an open door policy, so please do ask if there is anything you or your child is worried about or don't understand as communication is key to your child having a calm and easy transition into their new class.
We look forward to working in partnership with you over the coming year.
Mrs T Evans and Mrs S Rivolta
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