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End of 2014
After the main building was completed, there wasn't much to report as we can't see inside, it was therefore decided to stop writing a blog for the build and we shall excitedly wait to go into our new building....

12 November 2014
They have put up the walls, the roof and they have started to put in the window and it’s all starting to come together I’m so exited to see more of it  and I’m even more exited when its all finished.  At one of the corners, I think I can see where all the connections will be. They have also put down the floor boards .
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17 October 2014
Today they are cleaning the remainder of the playground. There’s been a lot of sawing and drilling – it’s been very noisy!

15 October 2014
They have divided the hole of the new build and they have put down these funny shapes in the middle of them. They have put down normal breeze blocks and these last couple of days they have put down pipes and black normal blocks. They have nearly filled in the school floor.  Soon I will be interviewing the site manager, so if you have any questions, please come and find me and I can ask them for you :)
Where it's been raining hard, there is a lot of water onsite - take a look: -
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Picture 2
06 October 2014
It looks like they have finished the foundations now as they are all covered with plastic.  Or perhaps it's the rain?

29 September 2014
They have moved the outdoor classroom next to the pond. They have had a delivery of pipes and they have put down black tape and they have also divided a second classroom.

25 September 2014
They have divided one of the classrooms.  I think that the end building might be the toilets!!
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24 September 2014
At the beginning, they dug a hole and put cement in the holes as a guideline for the builders to lay their breeze blocks.  I think the foundations are three or four breeze blocks high. We have had a delivery for more breeze blocks and to carry the heavy loads there’s a crane like thing you can put on a digger.  It starts off with chains and then with a strong tape type thing. To get the cement to the place, they use a wheelbarrow and then they get a shovel and scoop a shovel full of cement and put on a piece of wood and the cement the bricks down.  One of the machines is like a metre stick but it’s longer and it has a little machine on it, I think it tells you how deep it is.  At the moment, they’re knocking down Handstand Hill and they are breaking breeze blocks so that they fit in the gaps.  

23rd September 2014
Hi, I'm Connor and I will be writing a blog about the build that is happening in school because, I think it is very interesting and I'm sure that you would like to know whats happening! 

The foundations are now finished from what I can see and they have started to lay breeze blocks (long and grey bricks).  Its all very exciting!