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Welcome to Smarden Primary School
As well as our reception class intake each year, in September, we also accept "in year admissions".


Please call 01233 770316 or email to enquire about current availabilty of places.
Further information regarding  admissions can be found via the following links:


How to appeal a school offer

If you are unhappy with the school place you have been offered you can appeal for any schools you named in your application.


We recommend that you still accept the place your child has been offered. This will not affect your appeal and will guarantee your child has a school place if your appeal is unsuccessful. If your appeal is successful you must remember to tell the school you were originally offered that you no longer want the place.


Further information regarding appeals can be found via the following link:


Smarden Primary School - Admission Criteria


If the school is oversubscribed we use the criteria set out in the document below, to decide which children get places.